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Driftwood Group is a human resource and recruitment agency working with large and individual job seekers to realize their human potential. They focus on recruitment through personalization, Human Resources through consultation, and Coaching one-on-one to help people realize their potential. Driftwood Group connects clients to solutions in a unique way – whether it’s funding, resourcing, connections, collaboration, customers, technology or restructuring. Connecting candidates with their future, helping them transform the world around them. Recently, Driftwood Group launched a Career Coaching program, Glow Up Careers, which uses Coassemble to provide materials and one-on-one support for professionals looking to evaluate their career path.

The Challenge

Driftwood Group cofounders Yvonne and Alex Kelly were receiving hundreds of resumes a day from job seekers. They began to notice a disconnect between the job seekers and their resumes. The resumes were overly long, statistics-driven, and often left out human elements. Their public profiles, such as LinkedIn, were often out of date or uninspiring. In short, people were failing to capture themselves accurately and portray that to potential employers.


It was clear to Yvonne and Alex that people weren’t taking a holistic approach to their professional image, and weren’t thinking deeply about their career pathway. Driven by these insights, Driftwood Group set out to create a career coaching program called Glow Up Careers, that would bring storytelling and strategic thinking around career pathways, and a human element to the HR and Recruitment sector.


Alex and Yvonne decided that a blended learning style would be the best practice for Glow Up Careers Coaching Program. The content for Glow Up Careers Coaching program took around a year to produce. The program consisted of a blend of informative materials and live, one-on-one coaching.


Yvonne and Alex realized that they would need an online platform to deliver their career coaching, particularly if they wanted to scale their program beyond the office. They briefly considering building their own platform, but this option was quickly ruled out due to development costs. The team tested out several learning management systems (LMSs) that could create content and deliver content, including Teazl and Paperbase.

"People have lost the art of storytelling—every human is so much more than the sum of those 4 pages."

The Solution

The team came across Coassemble. An all-in-one platform that allowed them to create the learning content, train their learners in an efficient way, and report on participants’ results. The platform’s user experience and the price point was exactly what the team was looking for. They found the Coassemble team knowledgeable and helpful during their search, ultimately deciding Coassemble was a perfect partner.

Fast forward to a year later, and Glow Up’s Career Coaching program is running smoothly. Learners are able to sign up for the career coaching program via the Glow Up website. Users pay online and book in a time with a coach. Users are then enrolled in a Coassemble campus, where they complete a pre-assessment. 


Glow Up Careers employed a designer who was able to create their content very quickly using Coassemble.

The Results

Glow Up’s Career Coaching program has seen them shortlisted as a finalist in the Seek SARA Awards for Most Innovative Agency of the Year and is changing the way that people think about their career path, choices, and professional self-image. 


Starting from one course, Glow Up Careers now has 6 courses they are using to teach 120 learners in Coassemble. They are now collaborating with community organizations to provide pro-bono programs & coaching to those who really need help, including refugees and immigrants. 

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