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10 Advanced Features To Enhance Your Coassemble Training Course For Employees

Level up your Coassemble training course for employees with these hidden advanced features you might not know about!

18 Jan 2022 by Annie Symonds

Our Customer Success legend Rosalie did a brilliant webinar on our hidden features at Coassemble recently (you can watch it here). Our whole team pitched in and shared their favorite features that we know you'll just love!

You can check out our part one article to this popular webinar called Shh! 7 Secret Features To Make Your Online Training Course Shine.

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In this article, we're stepping it up a notch by sharing some of the more advanced features you might not know about. You're going to learn about the announcement feature that had everyone in the webinar so excited, module settings, scheduled reminders, and so much more!

Webinars: Get the most out of Coassemble and Watch Our Latest Webinar

If you've not signed up with Coassemble yet, you can join our webinars for free! Every two weeks we'll host a kick-off webinar which is titled Getting Started with Coassemble: Getting the Most Out of Your First Month. In this webinar, our team member Miranda will take you through the basics for using Coassmble. You can ask her as many questions on the chat during the webinar, which our customers have found incredibly valuable.

In this article you'll find...

In this article, we're going to break it up into two sections:

  • Workspace Settings
  • Course Settings

So, let's get started as we share some of our hidden features to enhance your Coassemble training course for employees!

Hidden features to enhance your Coassemble training course for employees


In our workspace settings, you'll learn about course completion, how to sort out the order of your course, and how to enable copyright on your employee training course.

1. Gain more insights into course completion

As you already know, when your staff are completing the employee training course, they need to click on the checkpoints to complete each module.

You might not know that if you click on the enforce completion button, you can make sure every employee clicks on each element in the interactive screen.

If you have the enforce completion button ticked, your employees won't click to the next module without clicking on every element on the screen. This hidden feature will give you more accuracy to know if your employees are engaged in all training.

So, if your employees are wondering why their certificate of completion doesn't come through yet, it's because they haven't completed the entire course.

2. Sort the order of your course

Did you know you can organize the sort order for your training programs in our Progress Markers feature? The default will determine the program's order to display to your employees on the dashboard, but you can also manually organize the sort order.

3. Say hello to copyright options

Did you know there's a disable text and image copying button in the workspace dashboard and security? This is a great feature to use, especially if you're selling courses and don't want anyone using your images or copy. This will protect your course from anyone trying to copy it in the future.


In the second part in our hidden features guide, we're going to take you through some of the course settings you might not know about. While many of our customers know how to use the Course Info, Course prerequisites, and Course notifications tabs, do you know how to use the following course settings?

  • Completion Settings
  • Scheduled Reminders
  • Announcements

We're going to break it down so you can understand how valuable these course settings truly are!

4. Completion timeframe

The Completion Timeframe feature will help you designate a timeframe that your employees will need to complete their training. This is really helpful and will make your employees productive when they know they have a deadline to finish the training.

If you are putting together an onboarding course (check out our Onboarding Template to help you get started) and have team members starting at different times of the year, you can just put a completion date in for 14 days or 30 days example.

5. Complete the course in module order

Module Order means your employees won't be able to go to module 10 before doing module 1 for example. They will need to complete it in a particular order. Another option in this feature is to hide unavailable modules too. This means if you're working on new modules to add to your course, but they aren't ready yet, you can simply hide the module from your employees until it's ready.

6. Set availability dates for your modules

When you go to the bottom of the course settings, you'll come to the Advanced Module Order element. This is a great feature for anyone to use when building big courses as you'll be able to add in completion dates for each module as well as let employees know when the next module will be ready ie, "your course module will be ready in 10 days"

7. Don't let your training program get lost

Schedule reminders are a fantastic opportunity to send out automated emails to remind employees to complete the employee training programs in our Scheduled Reminders feature. This will help your efforts not get lost and will be a tremendous opportunity for measuring training effectiveness.

8. Pop up announcements you know you'll need

It's no surprise to hear that the Announcements feature was the number 1 hidden feature our customers loved in our Hidden Secret Features Webinar which you can watch here. If there's one thing that many managers struggle with, it's being there in person to make sure the employee training goes smoothly.

Instead, you can now use our announcements feature to help guide your employees in the training programs. Announcements work similar to pop ups that you can customise, so if you want to add an extra highlight to the course module, why not add an Announcement to give your employees extra resources to check out, like link an article or other training programs for example.

You could also add an email address for your employees to send you an email with their questions. The list is endless on how you can utilize this powerful training feature.

Our Customer Success Manager Bridie said:

An under-utilized feature for me is the Announcement feature. I feel like it's such a simple way to add a welcome message when a person is first enrolled into a course. I think it adds a nice personal touch.

9. Lock step your lesson screens

Not to be confused with Advanced Module Order and Module Order as we're going to dive into the Module Settings now in the course builder. If you click on the three dots next to a specific module, you'll find the module settings. Using the quiz and assignment screens, you might know about the module settings. If not, you'll have module settings to use for each screen. Click on the Lock Step, which will make sure your employees learn to step through the lesson linearly.

Let's just recap with some of the similar features we've talked about in this article so you understand which each one is capable of.

Progress markers - this will enforce employees to click on every element on the screen (perfect for those using hubspots)

Module order makes sure your employees work their way through each module in a certain order.

Lock Step in module settings will make sure your employees will click through each screen in a certain order.

Create beautiful widgets for your website

As most of our customers love using the enrollments links, which gives you plenty of options on sharing your employee training programs, use the embed snippets and you'll gain the code to put a widget on your site - perfect for those that use sidebars to promote their courses.

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Coassemble is the fun, people-friendly, learner-centric, micro course builder you've been looking for.

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Bonus Hidden Feature!

We're throwing in a bonus feature not only because a lot of our team suggested this one, but because it's a fantastic hidden gem you really need to try!

Speak to our team on Live Chat

Our Sales Development Representative Sam said that his hidden gem is the Live Chat feature because our legendary Customer Success team members like Rosalie can show you how all of the above features work, plus more!

While many people are understandably scared off by Live Chat, know that the people responding to your messages are real passionate people who work at Coassemble. Go ahead and ask us any questions you might have from resetting your password or what template we suggest you create your next course. Whatever problems you're having, we're here to help you become the workplace hero with a killer online training program your employees will love.

Looking to get started now?

Why not jump try using one of our 20+ course templates to suit your training programs?

We've got online courses on plenty of popular topics including:

Over 30 screen layout templates

And if you didn't already know...

We have over 30+ lesson screens to choose from

With 30+ lesson screens to choose from, you'll be able to bring your content to life by using them to create an interactive presentation.

There are plenty of ways to bring your content to life; you'll love using our lesson screen templates to help you see how easy it is to make it happen.

Gain access to more than an online training platform

If you're still wondering whether Coassemble is the right online training platform for you, we offer much more than training templates!

Our US-based training experts like Rosalie will help you build a training experience that will instantly make sense to everyone who needs to be involved in it. Drop our team a message in our Live Chat feature on this site, and they'll be able to answer any questions you might have about getting started with your training.

  • You'll discover how to build a genuinely awesome training course that will knock the socks off your team and other stakeholders.
  • You'll learn how to send your training program pro-actively so it doesn't get lost in a sea of spam.
  • You'll also gain access to understanding how your team engaged with your training through our excellent analytics tool.
  • You can ask for feedback from your team about how they found your training so you can continually improve and update it when needed.

Sign up to our next webinar here and see why our customers love using Coassemble!

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