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We Just Dropped 10 Awesome New Product Updates!

We’re sharing our latest Coassemble product updates which we shared in our recent popular webinar, so you can take your training to the next level.

1 Feb 2022 by Annie Symonds

Our Coassemble product updates are coming in thick and fast! As we continue to grow as a company, we want to keep you updated so you can grow alongside us!

It's a double bonus month from us because we're sharing our product updates from December 2021 and January 2022 with you. Our Customer Success legend Rosalie recently hosted a webinar, sharing these product updates, which you can watch on demand below!

Webinars: Get the most out of Coassemble and Watch Our Latest Webinar

What you'll learn in this article

In this article, we will share the highlights from our Monthly Product Updates Webinar. Here's what you'll learn:


  • Set the default sort option for the learner dashboard
  • A simpler way to share courses and track your learner
  • Fresh new look and layout options for timeline screen
  • Document upload screen update
  • GIPHY Support is finally here
  • Screen options toolbar
  • Course overview options
  • New filter options for the results report
  • New compact application header and reports navigation
  • Major performance improvements

Let's get into it!

1. Set the default sort option for the learner dashboard

You asked, and we listened! A popular request from our customers has been around customizing the dashboard. So, you can finally take charge of how your courses are displayed on the learner dashboard by setting a default sort option.

You'll notice 'recently viewed' is the default option, but if you want your courses to be displayed in alphabetical order every time a learner goes into their dashboard, simply set the default to 'course name'.

Wondering how to access this setting? Go into the workspace settings section. Please note – you'll need to be an administrator to do this.

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2. A simpler way to share courses and track your learners

In December, we released a major update about how you can share courses when you're in the course builder. Sharing a course with learners and being able to track how they are doing is easier than ever! These modals can be accessed from the courses dashboard and within the course builder. Before this release, course learners and the sharing functionality were combined. We chose to decouple this functionality to simplify the process for each task.

So, instead of the enrollment button, you now have the learners button and a share button. The learners button gives you access to all groups and learners enrolled in the course. You can also remove learners too if needed.

The share button is where you'll share your course. You can enter the email of an existing learner or a new learner here. You can also enroll a group and access your enrolment link or your embed code, which works similarly to the enrolment link.

How to share your courses:

You can now access all three enrollment options from a single share menu. These options include:

  • Sharing via email (add new or existing users & existing groups).
  • Share with a link — copy a link and deliver it to your users any way you choose.
  • Share with embed code — get an embed code to share courses on your website.

3. Check out the fresh new timeline screen

The timeline screen is sporting a fresh new look with some game-changing layout options you're going to love!

Layout options: Switch between Left, Right, or Center aligned layout options.

Fit, fill, plus resize image options: Add an image at any ratio or size you want, and it will automatically fit to the container. You can toggle the image fit option if you want to show the entire image. If you want to make the image take up less space on the card, simply drag the image container upwards to make it smaller.

SmartColor™: SmartColor™ has been introduced to automatically pick a different color for each item based on your primary workspace color. You can override the workspace color from the advanced settings menu if the gradient is based on a different color. If you don't want to use SmartColor™ at all, don't worry, you can change each item color to be whatever you like.

4. Document upload screen update

We talked about the Document upload screen in our 7 Secret Features To Make Your Online Training Course Shine article recently because it really is a hidden gem! Now, let's not get confused with the document screen. Unsure what the difference is?

Document upload screen – learners upload documents into the course

Document screen – trainer uploads documents for learners to view or download

So what's new with the document upload screen? It's been refreshed to bring it in line with the Coassemble design system. You can ask the learners to upload as many as five documents. You can even ask learners to download a document, fill it in or sign it, and then re-upload it.Many customers use this feature when they need the learner to sign a form.

The document upload screen is also a great alternative to the assignments module. The course won't show it has been completed until the course has been graded in the assignments module. So, if you don't need to grade the course or even check the forms the learner has uploaded, then the documents upload screen is a fantastic one to use.

Note – if you want the learner to upload a document before moving to the next screen, you'll need to check the course settings and lock the screen. Unsure what that means? Check our article 10 Advanced Features To Enhance Your Coassemble Training Course For Employees to find out more.

5. GIPHY support is finally here!

GIPHY search has been integrated into our image uploader to help you find the perfect GIF to complement your course content. Anywhere you can add an image, you can now search for and add an animated GIF. Remember not to crop your GIF as it will be converted into a JPG and not animate.

6. New compact application header and reports navigation

Our first big release in 2022 introduces a compact application header, providing more real estate for viewing your courses, users, reports, and more! As part of this release, we've moved the reports menu into the page header, where it can be accessed from every page.

Previously when you hovered over reports, it would give you loads of options. Now you'll be taken straight to the reports page where the results report (our most robust) will be shown.

7. New filter options for the results report!

New filter options have just been added to the results report allowing you to filter for a specific course, group, or a combination of both. In addition, you can now choose to hide certain columns from the report so you can focus on the information that matters most to you.

8. Course overview options

One of the most exciting updates in the last few months is the new options toolbar which now sits at the bottom of the course overview screen! The eye icon gives you an option to tick or untick the time estimate and trainer now.

When it comes to the trainer side, you might like to hide who the trainer is. For example, this is perfect for anyone who no longer works for the company who may have built the course.

Please note, if you're using groups and have group trainers, their names will show up as the trainers.

9. Screen options toolbar

We recently introduced a new toolbar for accessing key options for many screen editors inside the Coassemble course builder. So, if you're looking for the layout options and you can't find them in the advanced settings, they will be in the new toolbar!

Expect to find:

Interactive screens: Key features such as the 'Label' and 'SmartColor™' options have been moved from the advanced settings menu to the new options toolbar, making it easier than ever to configure each screen.

SmartColor™ options: You can now override the SmartColor™ base color with the click of a button.

Label options: Label options for image-based interactive screens have also been moved, allowing you to quickly see which option best suits your screen.

10. Major performance improvements!

OK, guys, our final and exciting update you may have already noticed is how lightning-fast the speed is between accessing the dashboard and into the course builder and back again. This is a major improvement we're proud of and will be continuing to monitor and improve our performance speeds in 2022.

Did you know we have over 20 course templates?

This isn't an update, but we're just letting you know we now have over 20 course templates you can jump into and customize in Coassemble! Our design expert Eliza is building out new course templates every week, so make sure you pop by and check out the new templates when you next log in.

Currently, you can find various course templates to help you get started, including:

And how many lesson screens, did you say??

With 30+ lesson screens to choose from, you'll be able to bring your content to life by using them to create an interactive presentation. For example, our popular wheel lesson screen helps you distribute your content into bite-sized interactive pieces. You also might like to use our timeline screen to add to your online training! Keep these lesson screens in mind when you're building out your online training in Coassemble!

Send our team a question on live chat!

If you have more questions, make sure you send our team a question on live chat and they'll do their best to answer it for you! Don't worry, you'll be in safe hands! Read our Live Chat Tips Guide by our awesome Customer Success Manager, Bridie and you'll soon see why our customers love chatting to our team using Live Chat!

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Coassemble is the fun, people-friendly, learner-centric, micro course builder you've been looking for.

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