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Our Secret Tips To Convert PowerPoint Presentations Into Coassemble Courses

Our Customer Success legend, Rosalie, shares tips to convert PowerPoint presentations into Coassemble courses easily.

29 Jan 2022 by Annie Symonds

While you can watch our recent webinar: Best practices for converting your PowerPoint into a Coassemble course on-demand (which we highly recommend!), here are the highlights from this popular webinar, hosted by our legendary customer success team member, Rosalie.

We know many people don't have time to learn new processes when moving their training online. We get it! We know you're super busy, which is why webinars come in so handy, so you can learn on the go and change the face of training in your business.

Don't be that person in the workplace who still has training documents hidden in too many folders on your desktop. While you may have used PowerPoint, Word, or Excel to put pieces of your training together, the days of sending out multiple documents are long gone. Welcome to your new way of training!

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20+ Course templates to use!

At Coassemble, our online training platform is designed to help you create slick training courses effortlessly. With over 20+ course templates to choose from including:

Onboarding checklist template

Recruitment process template

Diversity & Inclusion template

You can jump into these course templates and add in your content and branding quickly.

Is this you?

But what if you have a PowerPoint file you need to convert into an online training tool? It's not as difficult as you might think.

We see many customers who are looking to convert a ppt file format because maybe:

  • You used to deliver training in person, but now you've moved your business online
  • You're looking to cut down on time and move the one day or even one hour training course to self-paced training
  • Someone in your company has asked you to move an old PowerPoint file into an online training course

If this is you, read on because we're sharing the highlights from Rosalie's webinar for converting your PowerPoint files into online training, which we're sure you'll find super helpful.

Just a heads up

But before we get started, we want you to know that you can't click a button to magically move your PowerPoint training online. Unfortunately, it's not that easy!

But you do have a few options to decide upon for moving your PowerPoint files. And just a heads up, your ppt file will be turned into a Coassemble course so it won't technically become an online PowerPoint presentation.

Let's get into it!

Webinars: Get the most out of Coassemble and Watch Our Latest Webinar

3 Options to convert Powerpoint presentations into a Coassemble course

You'll have three options to convert PowerPoint presentations into a Coassemble course.

  1. Upload PowerPoint as a document - the quick option
  2. Convert your PowerPoint into a recorded video - the feel like you're there in person option
  3. Convert your PowerPoint into our lesson screens - the super engaging option

While there's no right or wrong option to choose, all three options will help you transform your old PowerPoint into an excellent online training format.

Here's a breakdown of what you can do with each option.

Option 1: Upload PowerPoint as a document

It's not uncommon to see a lot of customers needing to convert a ppt file yesterday! If you're in a rush and don't have time to put a little effort in, but you want to track if your employees have completed the course, this is your best option.

Create a course, give it a title with a little overview image and then add a screen and drop your PowerPoint file in. As your content will be on one screen, you'll only be able to track how long they spent on the screen, not what they clicked on.

If you're wondering how to upload your document, here are a few options:

Document screen - you'll need the actual PowerPoint file rather than a URL

Embed screen - you'll need to convert your PowerPoint into Google Slides by moving your ppt into your Google Drive. When you copy the URL, it will look something similar to the below:,

What you'll need to do is delete the end section edit#slide=id.p and change it to preview so it will look like this:

Embedded inline: If your PowerPoint files are hosted on Google Slides, you can insert them anywhere on Coassemble.

Option 2: Convert your PowerPoint into a recorded video

Option 2 requires a little more time than option 1, but this is a great transition between in-person and online training. You can consider uploading a video using Loom to accompany the course. Loom will show a small circular image of yourself presenting with this option, but you can hide this if needed.

If you're thinking about adding video content to your online training, Rosalie recommends breaking it up into multiple videos so you can add some interactive screens between them. For example, you might like to add in a pop quiz or challenge screen and test your employees after each video. This will make your content super engaging and interactive.

Check out our new Videos In Coassemble course to learn more about the best practices for using video in Coassemble.

Option 3: Convert your PowerPoint into our lesson screens

If you want to become the workplace hero and ultimately transform how your company learns, we recommend option 3! Choose from over 30+ lesson screens to bring your PowerPoint files to life! Here are Rosalie's tips to convert PowerPoint presentations into an interactive course when using our lesson screens.

Cut, Organize, Assemble


Before converting your PowerPoint file format, go through the content first and cut down any slides that don't have a purpose. If you have transition slides that may only include a word or two, you'll need to cut them out because you'll want to get straight to the point and be concise when using Coassemble.


Will you be separating your PowerPoint presentation into multiple courses? Check our help article, How Long Should My Course Be? if you want to find out the optimal course length to keep your employees engaged. Make sure you re-organize your content into different modules and include a quiz to keep the content digestible.


This is where you're going to want to organize your content in a meaningful way. Think about which Coassemble lesson screen types are best for different PowerPoint slides. We recommend starting with the Text with Image lesson screen, which is similar to what you'd see in PowerPoint to get you started.

Remember, one screen in PowerPoint does not equal to one screen in Coassemble.

For example, you might have at least three screens when talking about something in PowerPoint, but you can cut it right down to one screen in Coassemble. This is because online training is not the same as in-person training where you'll talk through each slide in person (unless you go for Option 2 video format).

Remember that even though you can add your images, we have a library full of free images from Unsplash that you can use! If you're going to hand over your course to the Marketing team to put branded images in, you can just put placeholder images in too. You can also switch templates for interactive screens too if needed.

Talk your employees through the course with instructor tips

If you have presenter notes in your PowerPoint, you can automatically transfer them over as instructor tips in Coassemble. This means you can automatically play them as your learners navigate through the screens like you're there with them. We've seen so many customers do this with their courses which instantly make them interactive and engaging. You'll also be able to find out how long your employees spend on each screen too.

Just remember... Coassemble courses are learner-led

Coassemble courses are learner-led, not instructor-led, which means you'll need to guide your employees through your course as you obviously won't be there in person to do it. An easy way to make sure your employees know how to navigate their way around the course is to tell them what to do.

You might like to tell your employees how long the course will take and what to expect. Let them know what to click on, and if you want them to watch a video, it's worth spelling it out: "let's watch a video about xxx".

If you used to run instructor-led presentations, you might be wondering how to put a role-play into practice when your employees are working from home. If you usually ask open-ended questions throughout your training, try converting those into closed-ended quiz questions or include an assignment to your course. You could even link up to our Assignments course. You might like to do hybrid learning and catch up after the training as well, but it's up to you.

Try Coassemble for FREE today!

Coassemble is the fun, people-friendly, learner-centric, micro course builder you've been looking for.

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These three options will help you massively when converting ppt file into a Coassemble course! If you missed this webinar, you can watch it here: Best practices for converting your PowerPoint into a Coassemble course.

Interested in watching more Coassemble webinars? Check them out here.

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