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Employee Benefits Package

The days of an employee benefits package consisting of boring perks no one is interested in are long gone! Find out what an employee benefits package is and learn how to put together an enticing one to attract top talent and encourage long-term team commitment to your organization.

20 May 2022 by Annie Symonds

In the competitive landscape of the modern job market, businesses are constantly searching for ways to attract top talent and retain their best employees. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by offering a comprehensive and enticing employee benefits package. Today, we'll delve into the concept of employee benefits packages and explore how you can use Coassemble to put together a fantastic package that will not only attract the best candidates but also keep them committed for the long run.

What is an employee benefits package?

An employee benefits package is a crucial component of any job offer. It includes a variety of perks and incentives offered by an employer to their employees in addition to their base salary. These benefits can vary widely, but they typically include healthcare coverage, retirement plans, paid time off, and other incentives such as wellness programs, professional development opportunities, and flexible work arrangements.

Why do employee benefits matter?

Your staff members are unlikely to be interested in the free fruit bowl in the office. A well-structured benefits package is not just designed to attract top talent but also contribute to employee satisfaction and retention. For that reason, it should include awesome perks that will keep your staff members around for a long time. You don’t necessarily need to offer a higher salary to keep staff. In fact, many employees are looking for the exciting employee benefits package on offer to give them overall job satisfaction.

What to include in your employee benefit package

Typically, a well-rounded benefits package includes health insurance coverage, which encompasses medical, dental, and vision plans. Retirement benefits like 401(k) plans with employer contributions are also highly desirable.

Here are some other forward-thinking employee perks you might like to consider when building your employee benefits package:

  • Extra time off: Providing additional time off beyond standard vacation days is something most employees won’t say no to. This extra leisure time enables employees to recharge and return to work, feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

  • Mental health days: In today's fast-paced and often stressful work environment, offering dedicated mental health days is a thoughtful gesture. It sends a clear message that the well-being of your employees is a top priority, encouraging them to take necessary breaks to destress, refocus and maintain their overall health.

  • Stock options: Granting employees the opportunity to own a share of the business they work for not only fosters a sense of ownership but also aligns their financial interests with the company's success. This can be a powerful motivator, driving them to contribute their best efforts.

  • Remote working and flexible hours: With the rise of remote work, providing the flexibility to work from home or adjust working hours is a modern perk that acknowledges diverse lifestyles and personal responsibilities. It enhances work-life balance and boosts productivity.

  • Fitness and wellness programs: Acknowledging the importance of a healthy mind and body, offering fitness and wellness programs can lead to a happier and more productive workforce. Whether it's gym memberships, wellness challenges, or health consultations, these programs can go a long way in keeping employees in their prime condition.

  • Growth opportunities: Encouraging personal and professional growth through courses, workshops, and skill-building programs keeps your staff engaged and motivated. It shows that you're invested in their development and offers a clear path for advancement within the company.

  • Student loan repayment assistance: Student loan debt can be a significant financial burden for many employees. Providing assistance with loan repayment can alleviate this stress and help your staff achieve financial stability more quickly, fostering their loyalty to your organization.

  • Pet Insurance: As more employees consider their pets as part of the family, pet insurance is a unique and compassionate benefit. It not only shows that you care for your employees but also for their furry companions, creating a strong sense of belonging within the workplace.

The employee benefits package can really dictate what the company culture looks like.

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What an Employee Benefits Package Template looks like

We're going to break it down so you can gain a good understanding of what our employee benefits package template looks like. You can edit this template as much as you like and add and delete screens where necessary.

Welcome screen

Start with a welcome screen simply by mentioning how excited you are that the new team member is joining the team. You can upload images using Unsplash in our image library if you don't have the relevant brand imagery.

The workspace

It's a good idea to let the new hire know what office equipment they will be receiving if working from home. If your staff members are working in the office, use the video screen to upload a short video of the office including all the fun stuff such as the drinks fridge, pool table or games room.

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Wellbeing perks

This section should discuss offerings to support and promote the well-being, health and overall wellness of your employees. They may include:

  • Time off

  • Gym memberships

  • Initiatives related to nutrition and stress management

You might like to add the occasional yoga class or massage sessions in the office or anything else your company offers under well-being.

Financial perks

Think about the financial extras you can offer your staff! This could be anything from food and beverage allowances to entertainment discounts.

Work/life balance

No one wants a member of staff burnt out within a few months of joining the company. Use the checklist screen to list some of the highlights that new team members can look forward to, including:

  • Social events

  • Flexibility

  • Family focus

  • Parental leave


A popular way to ensure your team members understand the benefits package is to include a Quiz Screen. Simply test them on their understanding, and you'll be sent their answers.

A new era of employee well-being

An attractive employee benefits package is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining top talent. Using Coassemble, you can create a benefits package that not only entices candidates to join your team but also keeps your employees committed for the long term.

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