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How Video Training Improves Employee Experience

Modern businesses are always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance employee experience (EX), and one solution is leveraging video training. Using a user-friendly authoring tool, you can create and deliver engaging video content to inspire your staff. Let's explore how this combination can revolutionize employee learning and development, enriching the EX.

28 Jan 2021 by Rocco Brudno

In today's fast-paced and dynamic corporate world, fostering an exceptional employee experience (EX) is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Companies that invest in their employees' development, well-being, and overall satisfaction tend to reap the benefits of a motivated and productive workforce. One powerful tool that is transforming the landscape of employee training and development is video training, coupled with intuitive authoring tools. In this article, we'll explore how these tools can revolutionize the way companies enhance EX.

The power of video training

Video training has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of employee development. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to engage and educate employees in a visually appealing and interactive manner. Let's delve into the ways it influences EX:

1. Visual learning reinvented

Humans are inherently visual learners, and video training capitalizes on this fact. Complex concepts and procedures are simplified through well-crafted video content, making learning more accessible and enjoyable. Employees can quickly grasp information and the visual medium fosters better retention of knowledge.

2. Flexible and convenient learning

Video training offers the flexibility that modern employees crave. They can access training content at their convenience, empowering them to take charge of their own learning journeys. No more rigid training schedules or waiting for the next in-person session. With video training, employees can learn on their terms, ensuring a better work-life balance.

3. Global accessibility

For companies with a global workforce, video training is a godsend. It breaks down geographical barriers, allowing employees from different locations and time zones to access the same content. This inclusivity contributes to a more unified and harmonious work environment.

4. Consistency across the board

Video ensures that the training content remains consistent for all learners. This consistency eliminates discrepancies that can arise from different trainers or interpretations of written materials. Every employee receives the same high-quality training experience.

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How video training impacts employee engagement

Engaged employees can have a direct impact on productivity for their team and your business. We know that in many cases, engaged employees can increase productivity by 17% and reduce absenteeism by 49%!

So how do you get engaged employees? By adding video training to your employee experience. Employee experience has several learning and development strategies to help your team grow both professionally and in size. Among them are leveraging interactive and multimedia training content formats such as video.

HRD New Zealand found that for onboarding new employees, video training is an excellent way to welcome new hires. This enables leadership to share knowledge, policies and culture to be captured, and build brand awareness from day one. With the surge of remote hires in 2020, video training delivers these elements of the employee experience effectively to new staff.

Why does video training stand out? Check out the stats below:

If you leverage video training with an online training platform, you can increase knowledge retention and engagement with your team. Not only that, but your team is 75% more likely to watch your video training than other modalities. And this data comes from hundreds of organizations like your own.

How video training impacts company culture

Our founders Jude and Ryan are big believers in authenticity. Both of them spoke at length on how, if online training is that when it works, it’s authentic.

Using video training specifically enables you to share moments of culture in the workplace, even with remote employees. Video captures what makes your team different, how your organization offers socializing moments, and how company values translate to practices.

Customers resonate with brands they can relate to on a personal level. If your customers drink coffee and you share a video about your team’s top cafe orders, that’s a cultural connection. If you capture a video on a day in the office (or remote) with your employees, you’re able to establish authenticity with your customers.

Video is also one of the best methods to share your organization’s narrative. A great example of this is having your leadership team create a short video on how their department connects with company values. Your team will get excited knowing how they’re helping your mission and customers will appreciate your authenticity.

Another great example of using video training to share culture is creating a video org-chart. These can be simple videos that introduce a team member and a little about themselves.

Gather these videos and create a common space to share them, either a single video channel or an online training platform like Coassemble. Then you can share a little about everyone with the company like an org-chart, but with a depth of authenticity. Getting to put a face to the role and name and voice builds a stronger relationship across your organization.

How can you use video training to improve your EX?

So now that you see the benefits of video training, let’s talk about an easy way you can implement it today: sharing sales enablement training with business development representatives.

To get you in the example, let’s say your a SaaS product firm with a team of 100 and have a BDR team of 10. You roll out quarterly updates to your platform and need to get your team trained on the benefits.

Sales enablement training looks at the most effective way you can share information to increase their efficiency. It also improves employee experience by providing engaging ways to scale your team’s growth.

Delivering sales enablement with video

For this example, you just released a new product update and need an easy way to share the knowledge with your BDR team. A PDF would take a significant amount of resources to create in time for your team to train before the update is live. A traditional experience where you meet with them all and go over each aspect of the update is a hassle for scheduling.

That’s where video comes in to save the day.

Using a rapid video creation tool like Biteable, you can create a set of three training videos. One video is a screen share demonstrating the update in action. A second video is an engaging set of animations that covers unique selling points. The final video discusses possible use cases the new update would benefit.

Each video lasts less than 2 mins and is packaged with a short quiz testing knowledge on the update details. You deliver this to your team and they engage with the training on their own time before the update goes live. Because you chose video training, you spent less than 30mins creating sales enablement and delivered it to your team in an engaging format.

Now that’s training smart.

The role of authoring tools in video training

In the seamless integration of video training into your EX strategy, authoring tools play a pivotal role. These tools empower organizations to create, edit, and distribute video content effectively. Here's how they influence the learning experience:

  • Easy content creation: Authoring tools make it straightforward to create engaging video content. You don't need to be a video production expert to use them. Even employees with no prior experience can create compelling training materials, which encourages internal subject matter experts to contribute their knowledge.
  • Interactive learning: Authoring tools often come with features that enable interactive learning experiences. Incorporating quizzes, polls, and discussions within the video content engages employees actively, making the learning process more dynamic and enjoyable.
  • Streamlined updates: In a rapidly changing business environment, keeping training materials up to date is essential. Authoring tools simplify the process of making changes to video content, ensuring that your employees always have access to the latest information.

Revolutionizing EX with video training and authoring tools

The combination of video training and authoring tools has the potential to revolutionize employee experience. It engages employees through visual learning, offers flexibility, ensures consistency, and promotes global accessibility. With the right authoring tool, you can seamlessly create, update, and customize training content to meet the specific needs of your workforce.

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