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How to Create Engaging Content in Seconds with Coassemble's AI Assistant

Are you looking for ways to make your online training stand out? Our AI Assistant can help you create an interactive and engaging learning experience quickly and efficiently. Here, we’ll explore the top 11 lesson screens from Coassemble that are sure to make your online training memorable.

2 Mar 2023 by Kelsy Warwick

Introducing Coassemble’s AI Assistant – A Time-Saving Tool For eLearning Content Generation

Are you tired of spending hours crafting your training content? Now you can rest easy with Coassemble's AI Assistant. This new feature is designed to save users time, allowing you to generate compelling eLearning content in a fraction of the time. Toggle the AI Assistant on and type a title and prompt for your lesson screen and we'll do the hard work for you, populating your screen with relevant content! With AI Assistant, you'll be able to create valuable eLearning material faster than ever before. It's never been easier to make engaging and effective training content!

1. Flash cards

Title: Leadership style
AI Prompt: Show different leadership styles with their definition and when switching the flashcard you get an example of each one, real-life scenario

2. Accordion

Title: Email phishing examples
AI Prompt: Provide common phishing email titles and subject

3. Wheel

Title: Ergonomic essentials
AI Prompt: Provide examples of ergonomic essentials for a safe workspace and provide detail on each guideline.

4. Checklist

Title: Recognizing the signs of a customer ready to buy
AI Prompt: List of verbal and non verbal signs of a customer when they are ready to buy a product in a store

5. Process

Title: Reporting sexual harassment
AI Prompt: List steps to take to determine if sexual harassment is occurring and how to report the issue to management or HR

6. Blank screen

Title: What is empathy?
AI Prompt: Provide broad definition of empathy and below provide the same definition but translated in formal Spanish.

7. Timeline

Title: New hire onboarding steps
AI Prompt: Provide a list of steps new hires will need to take in order to get ready to being their new role

9. Tap to reveal

Title: Workplace safety procedures
AI Prompt: Provide examples of safety procedures in an office environment

10. Word circle

Title: Leadership Roles
AI Prompt: List Leadership roles and each of their responsibilities and teams

11. Tab

Title: Communication methods
AI Prompt: Provide examples of various ways to communicate with customers and your team

Coassemble has just launched an AI Assistant in Beta for lessons screens. While in Beta, we'll be gathering insights on usage, and feedback from our users before introducing additional features.

The AI assistant uses the GPT-3 API, which you may be familiar with if you’ve tried ChatGPT. In light of this, the system may generate incorrect or misleading information, and produce offensive or biased content.

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