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How To Put Together An Employee Refresher CPR And First Aid Training Course

Learn how to use our CPR and first aid training template so you can put together a refresher course all employees can go through with ease.

31 May 2022 by Annie Symonds

Not sure where to begin with CPR and first aid training in the workplace? If you're looking to put together a course all of your employees will need to go through, use our refresher CPR and First Aid Training Template to get started now.

As your first-aiders go for in-depth training, it's vital to have a basic CPR and first aid training course every new hire should undergo during their onboarding process.

How much of the ready-to-use template you want to edit is up to you. Feel free to add your text, images, and branding, and delete or add screens.

Build your own CPR and first aid training vs using an external training company

You might like to get a third party to train your first aid officers, which will go into more in-depth training. This will likely involve first aid classes with healthcare providers who provide training materials to teach lifesaving skills. If you're looking to offer a refresher CPR and first aid training course to employees, then it's worth building one yourself.

Please check the first aid requirements and recommendations for your location as it could slightly change from State to State or depending on what country you're reading this in.

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What our first aid training template looks like

Our CPR And First Aid Training Template will give you a starting point with training materials and inspiration to put together a first aid course in no time. It's a fantastic resource to ensure all employees have a basic understanding of first aid and CPR training. If your heavily trained first-aiders aren't in the office at a crucial time, all employees will have a basic understanding of what to do.

Unsure where to begin when rolling out first aid training in your organization? Our template is a great starting point for creating your course to ensure all team members have a basic understanding of first aid, not just your heavily trained first-aiders. This course template includes content on:

  • Team members' responsibilities about first aid
  • Recognizing and responding in an emergency
  • First aid kit inclusions
  • Asthma management
  • Choking
  • CPR
  • Reporting first aid incidents

Let's get into it as we share what our customized training looks like.

Welcome screen

We always start all of our online training templates with a welcome screen. This is a great starting point to engage with your employees and let them know how long the training will take. We've used the Cover Screen to create this screen.

Your responsibility

We're jumping straight into understanding your responsibility when it comes to first aid courses.

Understanding workplace health and safety is a role every employee needs to be part of. We outline what this is by using the popular Springy List Screen. Click on the title to reveal bite-sized content. You can add to this list if needed.

Signs of an emergency

Situations can turn into emergencies very quickly, which will need staff members to act fast with a cool and calm head.

We've used the popular Wheel Screen to highlight what an emergency might look like. Click on each section of the wheel to reveal the content. This is a perfect interactive screen to use as you'll be able to track which sections your employees actually clicked on.

What do you do in an emergency?

Now your employees know what to look out for when acknowledging an emergency situation, it's time for them to understand what to do in-person to help with CPR first aid.

They'll need to click through the Timeline Screen to reveal each stage of the skills required to handle medical emergencies. All staff will need to know this vital information during the onboarding process.

When to call emergency services

Help your employees feel confident in knowing when they will need to call emergency services. When it's a life-threatening situation, the last thing you want is your employees wondering whether they are doing the right thing.

We've used the Accordion Screen again to highlight when employees should call triple O when it's a cardiac emergency.

Our first aid kit

It's important to let your team members know where to find the first aid box in the office. We've listed what they will find in the first aid box to remember what can be used to help any injuries in the office when the timing is apparent.

Asthma management

With over 10% of the world suffering from asthma, it's more than likely some of your staff members will suffer from it too. If someone has an asthma attack, will you know what to do? In this section of the training course, we'll highlight the instructions using the Slideshow Screen.

CPR training

CPR training is an essential requirement when putting together first aid training courses.

This screen highlights each requirement that could save a life by using the Hotspot Screen. Click on each number to reveal bite-sized content that informs the employee what they need to do.


The Doctors ABCD will help your employees stay calm in an unpredictable situation. Simply click on each letter to reveal what the acronym means.

Thank you

Thank your staff for taking part in the online training course. Let them know that they will need to complete an Incident Report Form as and when needed if they are involved in a CPR and first aid emergency. We've used the simple Image & Text Screen to share the content here.

Test your understanding

A popular way to check if your employees understand the training is to test them with a quiz. Ask them questions, and you'll be able to see what they answered correctly. This will help you see a pattern over time to update and improve the online training course as and when you need to.

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