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Managing Remote Teams Training

Managing remote teams training can seem like a daunting task for managers with no online training experience. Online training is learning delivered in an online setting and typically through a learning management system, or LMS.

14 Jun 2020 by Rocco Brudno

Is your organization making the most of online training?

Training staff online can seem like a daunting task for managers with no online training experience. The technical jargon and perceived IT requirements around online training are intimidating, meaning that many businesses choose to stick to traditional training methods instead.

The truth is that moving staff training online can be much easier than one might think.

More than half of our customer base are first-time online training platform users. And to boot, all of them had little to no offline training experience prior to getting started with us. The focus of all online training is quite simple: how can you create an experience that fosters growth and success for your team? If you’re interested in that, then you already have the goal needed to build incredible online training.

Below our team drafted a brief guide to help you get started:

What is online training?

Online training is learning delivered in an online setting and typically through a learning management system, or LMS. Online training can also take the form of PDF manuals, training videos, and other learning material you use to educate your team. When it comes to staff training, this refers to any work-related learning conducted online. This training can be completed at the workplace or remotely. Online training is increasingly shifting to mobile devices, meaning there’s an opportunity to train staff on the go, as they commute to and from work or meetings. An important thing to note is that you want to make sure you have designed for mobile learning content. Otherwise, the training may not be easily accessible on a mobile device, defeating the purpose of leveraging mobile training.

Why should I train my team online?

The benefits of taking your training online are numerous. According to survey research by Brandon Hall Group, online training:

  • Requires up to 60% less time for teams to complete compared to traditional, in-person training methods.
  • Increases knowledge retention by at least 25%.
  • 42% of companies said they saw an increase in company revenue

And the list goes on. Online training is, like the state of technology, evolving at a rapid pace. Transitioning your team for online training can help you increase accessibility and engagement, leading to a higher quality of employee experience. And happier employees mean a more effective team growing your business.

How to start training

Training staff online doesn’t require hiring learning and development or training experts or rolling out vast and complex online training systems. Create a Lesson, Quiz, or Training Course in Coassemble and you can share it in minutes via an enrollment link.

If you need ideas for what sort of training you can begin to roll out using Coassemble, take a look at some of our existing training content. These courses cover a broad range of topics including:

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