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3 New Lesson Screens AND A Sneak Peek Into More Product Updates Coming Soon!

You're going to love the three new lesson screens we launched in February! Plus! We're giving you a sneak peek into more updates coming your way soon.

4 Mar 2022 by Annie Symonds

If you missed our Monthly Product Update Webinar hosted by Rosalie, you can read the highlights below and learn about the new updates we released in February 2022.

New updates on the Coassemble platform

You should know a small but honorable mention that the resource folders and library are no longer called Resource Folder or Resource Library. They are now referred to as 'Folders' and 'Library' if you hadn't already noticed.

Webinars: Get the most out of Coassemble and Watch Our Latest Webinar

Advanced Screen Settings Menu Has Moved

You'll notice a black bar at the bottom of your screen in your workspace called the screen options toolbar. You can now access the Advanced Screen Settings menu and all screen options, including the Smart Color options. This allows creators to test the different layout options instantly.

Text Editor Options Have Moved

The text editor options are located in the screen options toolbar as well. When you start to write text in the screen; the toolbar will automatically be replaced with the text editor options. This means you'll be provided with a consistent experience across all screen types.

Explore Course Templates you can jump into and edit straight away!

3 brand new screens are now on the Coassemble platform!

Brand new cover screen

We're very excited to bring you the new cover screen, which our Founder Jude said it's currently his favorite screen! We can see why. This is an impactful screen that can be used in so many ways to break up content (especially if your online training is a long course), introduce new screens, or use it as a finish screen. It's no wonder it used to be called the Finish Screen, so we decided to refresh it and make it so versatile so you can use it throughout your online training.

Here's what you can do with the brand new cover screen!

Show/Hide screen elements: There are several new elements included with this screen that can be turned on or off to best suit your needs. These optional elements


· Optional time estimate: give your learners an idea of how long this section could take to complete.

· Optional description: If you're using the Cover screen as a title screen, you may not need a description.

· Optional button: Display a button with customizable text and navigation options. You can have your button navigate to the next screen (default), a custom URL, or another module in your course.

Alignment options: Align text left, right, or centered. Use additional image options to align images to the left, right, or as a background image. Plus you can use animated gifs as a background image to create spectacular layouts that will delight your learners.

Background color options: When setting the background color, the text elements, and button colors change dynamically so that they are readable no matter if you have a light or dark background.

What happens to my existing screens? If you've used the old finish screen, you don't need to worry; we haven't changed the layouts — they will look exactly as you left them. If you want to update them to the new layout, all you need to do is go to your screen in the course builder and click the 'Edit to update' button. Note, once you've changed the layout, there is no turning back. But trust us, you won't want to once you've tried it!

Find out more about the new cover screen >

Label image challenge screen

We've completely designed the label image challenge screen, making it easier to create and more straightforward for your learners to use. It's now much more visual than before and looks fantastic from the learner's side.

Wondering why you should use the label image challenge screen? It's perfect for testing your learners' knowledge on any number of subjects. It also allows you to present your learners with an image and labels that need to be dragged to the correct positions. If the learner answers correctly, they will receive a 'correct' feedback popup and can move onto the next screen.

This is essentially a challenge that your learners will need to complete – a unique way for your learners to put the teachings into practice.

You might notice the rectangles are now drop shapes and you can put a title and description next to each one. You can brand up the colors of each drop to make them stand out.

o Images will be set to Fit by default, but can be changed to fill using 3 dots

o Docked items container

o One size fits all drop spots

o It actually works 🤪

Find out more about the label image challenge screen >

Form challenge screen update

We've given the form challenge screen a great update! Although the functionality stays the same, you'll now find it easier to create as it's been designed to stay consistent with the rest of our course screens.

Wondering why you should use the form challenge screen? This is a super cool screen to use as it's the only screen that allows you to ask multiple questions in different variations on one screen. For example, you can ask multiple-choice questions, drop-down lists, true or false questions, and more using radio buttons, dropdown selections option, and text inputs.

Make sure you go into the advanced settings to change the order of the questions if you need to. You can also choose to use the Lock Step which will force learners to answer questions in order before they can move onto the next screen.

Find out more about the form challenge screen update >

Updates coming soon!

As we continue to evolve Coassemble, we want to keep you in the loop about new updates coming your way very soon. Here's a snapshot for new product updates to look out for shortly. We'll fill you in with all the details when they are released soon!

·Create course modal update

  • Separate the course card image and the course overview image
  • Force a user to select a resource folder to put the course in

Course cards design update

  • Exposing the folder on the card
  • Moving key buttons onto the card reduces the size of the context menu
  • Add and edit card images from the dashboard
  • Custom email invites
    Only available on the Premium plan
  • Will work with new invites and enrolments
  • Available from Customize section (like an email template, next level to custom email)

3 Screen updates coming soon!

We're keeping these even more a little hush hush right now so we can take you through them in detail once they are released!

  • Branching scenario screen update
  • Match category screen makeover
  • Case study (flash cards) makeover

Make sure you sign up to our Monthly Product Update Webinar hosted by Rosalie at the end of every month! She'll take you through all of the updates as well as loads of tips and tricks to maximise them so you can update your courses as and when you need to.

If you're concerned about any new updates affecting your current courses, simply get in touch with our team on the Live Chat and send them any questions you might have!

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