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March '22 Product Updates You Need To Know

Expect added functionalities to make sharing your training easier, and two lesson screen updates you'll love!

4 Apr 2022 by Annie Symonds

The Coassemble product & engineering teams were super busy in March! As Coassemble continues to evolve, we like to keep you up-to-date with our new product updates every month!

We made some refinements so the platform looks clean and tidy, added functionalities to make sharing your training easier, and updated two of our lesson screens. Here's a recap of what happened and how you can make the most out of it when building your online training:

  • Profile touch up
  • New role switcher
  • Notifications touch up
  • Permanently delete courses
  • Microsoft Office 365 SSO for share links
  • OAuth + share links
  • Custom enrollment message
  • Match category screen update
  • Branching scenario screen upgrade

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Refinements that make the platform look clean & tidy

Profile touch up & new role switching

We've added a little UI magic to make the profile modal look cleaner and added a handy little 'role switcher' button. This allows users to easily toggle between being a learner and a trainer (if they have a dual role). Switching roles is a best practice for trainers as it allows you to stay on top of your learner experience.

Notifications touch up

Our notifications modal also received a bit of love, so it aligns better with the look & feel of the rest of the platform. The functionality remains unchanged, but we've also moved the notification icon on the left side menu. Notifications are handy since they are found in the same place and include a button that brings you straight to your learner report.

You can now permanently delete courses

You can now permanently delete courses! After you've archived a course, you will have the possibility of deleting it if you need to. Keep in mind that you can restore an archived course, but there is no way back once it has been deleted. So go ahead and clean up your archived courses by deleting them and only keep those you may want to 'reactivate' in the future.

Find out more about permanently deleting courses

Functionalities to make sharing your training easier

Office 365 SSO for share links

Microsoft Office 365 support has just been added to the enrollment link login screen. Only Google & email log in were supported before, so we're happy about this new addition!

Find out more about Microsoft Office 365 SSO for Share Links

OAuth & Share (Enrollment) Links

Make self-enrollment easy in your organization by combining your OAuth integration with enrollment links. When a team member clicks on an enrollment link and is logged into your Identity Provider, they will automatically be enrolled into the associated course. You can also turn ON the option to 'force users to use OAuth' so only members of your organization can access them.

Available on Premium plan only.

FInd out more about the OAuth & Share (Enrollment) Links

Custom enrollment message

You can now customize the enrollment email sent to new and existing learners when they are enrolled in a course. This can be done from the Customize section of the platform.

Available on Premium plan only.

Find out more about the custom enrollment message

Lesson screen updates

Branching scenario screen upgrade

We've just released a major update to our Branching Scenario screen that not only improves the way it appears to your learners, it's now much easier to create!

A branching scenario is very much like a 'choose your own adventure' story, where the learner is presented with options and receives feedback based on their decisions. Branching scenarios also offer the ability to incorporate video, text, and visuals - perfect for engaging any type of learner.

Check out our new branching scenario screen

Match category screen update

The Match Category screen has been updated to include inline editing for rapid authoring and SmartColor™ for perfect color schemes with zero effort!

The Match category challenge provides an excellent opportunity for learners to organize items into categories with similar characteristics. We recommend keeping each item short, using category colors to add clarity to the challenge, and adding in some emojis to provide visual cues for your learners.

Find out more about the match category screen update

What's next?

In April, we'll be releasing the newly renamed Flashcard screen update (previously known as 'Case study'). This is very exciting news as it is our very last lesson screen left to update.

Many more things to come, so stay tuned and join us on our next Coassemble Monthly Product Wrap Up Webinar!

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