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Business continuity at Coassemble during COVID-19

Whether you’re using Coassemble already to train your team, or are considering implementing Coassemble to help you manage a remote team under the current circumstances, we want to assure you that we have measures in place to ensure we remain up and running during this time.

16 Mar 2020 by Jude Novak

Whether you’re already a Coassemble customer training your team or considering Coassemble to help manage a remote team during COVID-19, we want to inform you of the measures we have in place to ensure we're up and running during this time.

We understand that many of you are assessing business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your offices may have closed or possibly close in the future. You may be looking for a potential solution—especially if your business unexpectedly needs to shift to working remotely and you require a reliable solution to share team knowledge and increase visibility. Stability is key for you and your team and we'd like to inform you of how we provide consistency during this pandemic.

For those of you who currently use Coassemble, we want to take this opportunity to provide some visibility and clarity into our business continuity plans. We want you to feel confident that we will be available throughout the coronavirus disruption. We're sure many of you have questions and we will address them below.

Will support be impacted by COVID-19 during this time?

No. Our employees are safe and are able to continue working as normal—wherever they are located. Our support services will remain unchanged. As a precaution, we have mandated that all Coassemble employees will move to remote work operations from Monday 16th March 2020 until further notice. Our team members all regularly work remotely and have done so since our inception — it is embedded in our culture. Being physically separated from our teammates does not impact our ability to do our jobs. We have the tools and infrastructure in place to provide a seamless experience during this period.

Is Coassemble able to handle additional load due to a rapid shift towards remote work?

You can be confident in Coassemble’s technical architecture and its ability to handle any increases to volume and load. The Coassemble platform is built on proven Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. These servers automatically expand their capacity to handle increases in traffic and activity. Our monitoring systems show us in real-time how our traffic changes across time zones and we've consistently seen this scaling mechanism activate to accommodate demand.

My company doesn’t have online training for a remote team. How can I get this setup?

We know many businesses are navigating a shift to remote work and we want to help enable your team's transition. During this time we are offering a plan that can help businesses to start virtually training and sharing knowledge with their teams while giving managers visibility. This plan is offered at the lowest possible rate and has no strings attached. There are no set up fees or charges. This is our way of trying to help businesses continue functions and enable your teams to work during COVID-19's spread. Find out more here.

Is Coassemble's platform secure?

All customers receive the same level of enterprise-grade security. Traffic to and from our servers use HTTP Strict Security Transport, each connection is securely encrypted and it's impossible to establish any unsecured connections. Our source code management ensures that API keys and sensitive data are maintained on privately secured servers.

We have built-in vulnerability checking on all new and existing platform code and regularly perform security audits and penetration testing. User accounts are secured using industry-standard encryption and passwords are only ever stored in encrypted form. Our disaster recovery implementation ensures that instantaneous backups of all platform data available, and backups are encrypted at rest.

What is your Service Level Agreements?

Coassemble is an important business tool, and we commit to a commensurate level of availability and reliability. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. We use commercially reasonable efforts to be available with a monthly uptime percentage of at least 99.95%. If scheduled maintenance is planned for the platform, all of our customers will be notified in advance and the scheduled maintenance will be carried out to avoid peak usage times. The unscheduled downtime threshold is <0.11%. In addition, our support SLAs can be viewed here.

Need more help?

Getting started with any new software can be hard, especially under difficult circumstances. We are offering help so you can immediately begin your own management of COVID-19's impact on your business. Contact us to set up a 15-minute call with our online training specialist to help you find out how you can implement remote training for your team.

Stay safe everyone,

Jude, Ryan and the Coassemble team

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