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Product 5 min

Improvements to the learner experience

The learner experience is always our focus. That's why we just delivered some updates to improve it and drive employee engagement. Learn how here!

12 Jan 2021 by Rocco Brudno

We're all about learners first (we literally wrote the book on it), and we wanted to round out 2020 with a bang by improving the learner experience. We've added a ton of features and optimized the entire learning process within the platform.

Relocating the course navigation to the top makes it easier than ever to find it and prevents difficult page view in the course. This also saves space for the course, giving you more room to deliver engaging training content.

We've beefed-up the side bar with a slew of new functionality. Now learners can see their profile, notifications, announcements, a even your branding. The sidebar menu can now be accessed from the screen content, making it easier to hide and reveal it for learners.

We streamlined style options to bring a better experience to your team. Now, each module is threaded in the course to ensure a design is consistent throughout a training experience. This also includes the background space and coloring appearing behind the content in a subtle way. We did this so your content blocks really "pop" but also to open up the option for a "dark-mode" in the future.

Benefits of improving the learner experience

Learner engagement is crucial to delivering an effective training process. By understanding your learning audience, you can tap into that engagement by giving learners an experience they want.

This has been proven to elevate the employee experience, which directly increases employee productivity. Engaged employees are also more than 50% likely to not leave a company, a crucial element to business growth. So by leveraging these new improvements to the learner experience, you can drive employee engagement.

This feature is available to all Coassemble customers and makes the learning experience even more of a pleasure. To learn more or see all of our latest platform feature updates, check out our updates page here

We hope your team enjoys the benefits of the new learner experience updates for their online training! For even more ideas on how to leverage our platform, chat with us today! Our experts have created hundreds of solutions to use cases like yours for all our customers.

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