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WYSIWYG editor went pro

Training creation should never be difficult. That's why we updated the WYSIWYG editor for online training so can create in style. Learn how here!

18 Jan 2021 by Rocco Brudno

Creation is always something we try to tailor for anyone's experience. Whether you're an online training pro or just starting out, we want you to feel confident in the content you create. That's why we've updated our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor so you can draft with ease.

Instead of smothering the toolbar, we added intuitive functionality to display the most commonly used options for drafting. Within that toolbar, we've add three new menu groups below:

  1. Paragraph format options
  2. Text style and use options
  3. Rich media content options

Each menu can be found by clicking the parent group to find more options.

Benefits of an updated WYSIWYG

Just like with our inline editing feature, we wanted to make the actual creation process more streamlined. The update to the WYSIWYG editor allows you to create more training in one space. This can save you time building your training and reduce friction during that state of your training process.

Now that's what we call an all in one online training tool!

This feature is available to all Coassemble customers and makes the learning experience even more of a pleasure. To learn more or see all of our latest platform feature updates, check out our updates page here

We hope you enjoy the WYSIWYG editor for your team’s online training. For even more ideas on how to leverage our platform, chat with us today! Our experts have created hundreds of solutions to use cases like yours for all our customers.

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