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Sexual Harassment Training Template

Our Sexual Harassment Training Template will help you make training engaging and informative, especially if you're unsure where and how to get started. The last thing you want is employees not paying attention or taking accountability when needed.

24 Nov 2021 by Annie Symonds

Regardless of whether you're based in New York City or California, employers must get on top of sexual harassment training - a priority for all companies in the USA.

Our Sexual Harassment Training Template will help you make training engaging and informative, especially if you're unsure where and how to get started. The last thing you want is employees not paying attention or taking accountability when needed.

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What is sexual harassment training?

Before we get started, let's just break it down for a second and explain what sexual harassment training means. It's no surprise to hear that...

...40% of women and 16% of men have been sexually harassed at work.

Stats acquired by Pew Research Centre

Many employees and managers aren't aware of what is regarded as sexual harassment, which is why training and education are crucial for all businesses. While all employees must be given sexual harassment prevention training, supervisors and managers are required for further training in handling if sexual harassment occurs in the workplace.

Sexual harassment can be defined as:

Any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that either:

  • affects an individual's employment
  • interferes with an employees work performance
  • creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment

Transforming sexual harassment training

In light of the recent #metoo movement, the traditional method of sexual harassment training needed an overhaul. You no longer need to only teach the laws and rules for what is and isn't acceptable in the workplace. However, employees and supervisors need to know what to do if they are subjected to, or witness misconduct in the workplace. More importantly, sexual harassment prevention needs to be addressed.

Workplace sexual harassment training is a topic that isn't taken lightly. Knowing exactly when to speak up and learning how to respond to harassment shows integrity and respect for your colleagues. Let's make sure the company is only fuelled by excellent members of staff who would never cross the line or ruin the company's reputation.

Sexual Harassment Training in California & New York

In January 2021, California changed the law that now requires all businesses with five or more employees to conduct at least two hours of sexual harassment training for every member of staff within their first six months of joining the company and re-training every two years.

Sexual harassment training in California is split up into two sections as a state requirement:

  1. At least one hour of sexual harassment training
  2. At least one hour of education and abusive conduct prevention training

If you're conducting the employee training, you'll need to take sexual harassment prevention training yourself before training your employees.

Although it might sound like an overwhelming job that you don't really have a lot of time to commit to right now, once you have completed your sexual harassment training, you can simply use our Sexual Harassment Template to help guide you build your online training course.

If you're based in New York, understand that every employer in New York State must have a sexual harassment policy in place.

How to use our Sexual Harassment Training Template

At Coassemble, our team is led by some of the best training experts in the eLearning industry. With insanely good designers who have taken the stress away from you having even to contemplate how to build a sexual harassment training template, we've done it for you.

Our online training templates are a bit different from others you'll find on the internet. You see, we want your employees to be engaged in their training, so they're not hitting the next button while mindlessly doing something else.

Instead, you'll have access to adding over 30+ lesson screen templates into your training courses so you can not only brighten up your content, you'll make it pop so much, your staff will love anything you train them on.

We've built a sexual harassment training template for you to use, or if you prefer, you could start your course from scratch.

Interactive lesson screens to choose from

You might like to use our spin the wheel screen, an interactive lesson screen your employees can click on to reveal bite-sized information so they don't get information overload.

Our customers love using the quiz screen to break up the information at different stages of the online training. Add in some questions to keep your staff on their toes and interested in completing the workplace training.

What content to put into your sexual harassment training

Now you're ready to build an incredible sexual harassment prevention training program, you'll need to know what content to put in it. Here's a guideline on what's included in our template to get you started.

  • Sexual harassment definition
  • Types of sexual harassment - unwelcome sexual advances
  • Impacts it can have on any employee
  • Our policy
  • How to report sexual harassment
  • Bystander intervention
  • Quiz

You might like to go into more details for preventing sexual harassment in your training courses so you can freely use our awesome lesson screen templates to add more content to it. If you want to customize and change any of the existing lesson screens in our template, feel free to do so.

If you are stuck for images, you can easily find pictures from Unsplash, which are already connected to the course template. Add in any videos and copy and customize with your branding colors and logo, and your course will honestly look like you paid someone to do it for you.

Know when your employees have completed the training

A fantastic option for using Coassemble is that you'll be able to track and analyze when your employees have finished the training program. Unlike any previous training you have spent time working on, you'll be able to see what your employees have clicked on, what questions they got right or wrong during the training, and how long it took them to complete it.

With information like this on your hands, it will make it easy to update as and when you need to - especially if you're re-training your staff every two years!

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Still feeling overwhelmed?

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