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Coassemble’s 2020 wrap-up!

After this year, we’re left speechless and thankful for the support of our team, our customers, and our loved ones. This year has been the most difficult and developmental for us as a team and for our customers. See how we did in 2020 in our yearly wrap-up!

22 Dec 2020 by Rocco Brudno

“This year will be one to remember” is probably in the top five most said phrases of 2020 next to “online training,” “remote work,” “virtual happy hour,” and “social distancing.” We’re also pretty sure the chime from Zoom and Google Hangout calls is burned into our brains.

2020 impacted everyone and no business was left the same after. We’re thankful for our incredible team and amazing customers to keep us going. Now more than ever, online training can help teams adapt to market shifts. We wanted to share our highlight reel for 2020, so read on to see how we got through this year!

Series A

We completed our Series A funding round in February! With the guidance and leadership of Equity Venture Partners and Clinton Capital Partners the round was closed at a valuation of 4.4M. This enabled us to expand our team in the U.S. as well as accelerate our growth in the U.S. market.

This was a massive effort from our team to ensure we were ready for this growth and had a clear path for the future. We brought on new talent that developed crucial areas of the Coassemble platform and experience. We were able to also grow our marketing, customer success, and sales teams to enable an even higher level of service to our customers.

Online training features for all!

Our product and development teams have worked tirelessly to bring some of the most exciting features to date on the Coassemble platform. An improved rapid training content creation experience, more customization options, and enhanced training tools were just some of the latest feature drops.

We’re still blown away by what our Founder Jude and Head of Engineering Matt and the team were able to create in the last year. And we’re just as proud of the team’s efforts and dedication to constantly evolve the Coassemble online training experience. To learn more or see all of our latest platform feature updates, check out our updates page here

CoLab Webinars, Newsletters, Blog Articles, and Podcasts!

Our marketing team revamped our content across our channels to bring you CoLab!

CoLab Webinars – each month, our online training experts host a live webinar on new topics to help scale your team’s growth. If you can’t attend live, register for a recording to be sent directly to you. Or check out our YouTube channel where we post the recordings.

The CoLab Podcast – The CoLab Podcast has our CEO and Co-Founder Ryan chat with guests on industry trends for online training, team and business growth, and the employee experience. We have a new recording each month that releases in audio and video format as well as a blog article.

CoLab Blog – Our blog articles have a fresh coat of paint, a slew of new topics, and some proven industry practices straight from our experts. We’ll post several articles on a variety of topics each month. Feel free to chat with our team if you ever have a question or want to learn more as well!

CoLab Newsletter – Every month, we’ll send you the latest content from each section of CoLab as well as feature drops, industry trends we’re reading about, and any tips you’ll need to grow your team. We’ll also include a free piece of downloadable content you can use to start leveraging online training in your business.



We placed for several awards on G2 this year! We’re so honored to be recognized by the G2 community and thankful for their continued support! Being a part of the SaaS world during such a crazy year has been a journey we’re glad to be pioneering.

eLearning Industry

eLearning Industry announced that we placed in the top 20 (of over 500!) online training platforms and LMS’s. We have to give a massive thank you to our customer support team for helping us stand out to customers as a principle guide for online training.

2020 Virtual Retreat

With 2020 came a lot of changes to how we operated. This included how we’d host our company-wide retreat. Last year, the Coassemble retreat was hosted in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. For 2020, we had to change things up a bit.

While most of our Australian staff were able to meet in person, our U.S. attended virtually. Though we value social engagement, we wanted to prioritize our team’s health and safety this year above all else.

Our first retreat’s goal was to communicate and implement our company strategy across all team members. This year, we wanted to really drive team building and foster a healthy company culture. We wanted to cross-pollinate teams, helping employees engage with others in the organization they normally don’t work with.

We also wanted to mix external and internal speakers to bring in new ideas for the team. This helped shift perspectives, share knowledge, and grow our employees’ engagement.

Day 1

We began the first day with an external speaker and futurist, Chris Riddell. Chris spoke about the shifts in technology he saw in 2020 and trends he thinks companies should prepare for in the future.

Then Ryan covered the journey of Coassemble in 2020, speaking about goals we reached and what our plans are for 2021.

We ended the day with Jude leading an interactive session for the team. His goal was for every employee to ideate new tools and features for the Coassemble platform. With 31 employees, we had some incredible ideas to carry us into next year.

Day 2

The second day started with Keynote Speaker Chris Helder. His session covered the idea of how Useful Beliefs can structure personal and professional outlooks for individuals (Ryan then stated meetings definitely were not “useful beliefs” and cleared his calendar for the week 😉).

We then had Michael Bunting chat with the team on the importance of mindfulness. As a global leader of the practice, Michael shared some incredible insights on the importance of mental health that inspired the team.

Our leading Sales Account Executive, Tanner then hosted an interactive session on team bonding. Creating a shareable virtual quiz, groups of five fill out an easy survey and then shared it with other groups. Everyone learned something new about their coworkers and strengthened the bond between employees.

The retreat finished with Ryan covering the team’s proudest moments with Coassemble. There were a lot of laughs and just as many tears, but everyone was happy to be a part of the journey.

As we mentioned above, 2020 will be a year to remember. We’re thankful for our team and customers that supported us this year. And we can’t wait to see what the future will bring us in 2021.

Happy holidays to all of you from the team at Coassemble!

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