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Team Q&A: 7 Questions with Our Head of Sales, Maddy

Meet Maddy Beckmann, our Head of Sales at Coassemble. Find out how she's not your average salesperson, how her love for teaching goes way back, and how she's an avid gardener in her spare time.

2 Feb 2022 by Annie Symonds

About Maddy

We must admit, Coassemble has a fantastic ability to hire exceptional people, and it comes as no surprise our new Head of Sales, Maddy Beckmann is one of them.

We know you might have your guard up about salespeople. Indeed, nobody appreciates a robotic individual attempting to sell something. Fortunately, our new Head of Sales, Maddy Beckmann, is anything but that. Hailing from Florida, she's lived in various states across the USA and even lived in Cape Town, South Africa.

In this article, let's get to know the real Maddy and what led her to join the team at Coassemble.

1. Tell us about what your role as Head of Sales looks like at Coassemble

As the new Head of Sales at Coassemble, my role is to help the sales team do their job effectively so we can all provide a fantastic experience for our customers. This includes sharing our sales best practices, demos, and trial experiences.

I also love collaborating with other teams in the business, especially the Customer Success team and the Product team to make sure we're aligned to provide the best authoring tool and exceptional experience to our customers.

2. What made you join Coassemble?

An insight into what it's like to work at Coassemble above!

I have always been drawn to the learning industry. I wanted to be a teacher from childhood, so I went to college in Philadelphia to study teaching.

During this time, I learned so much as I was given an opportunity to teach at a suburban elementary school, and in contrast, ninth grade at a school in Downtown Philly. Having a chance to teach at two very different schools taught me that life experiences outside the classroom really influence children's learning.

In this post-Covid era, the boundaries between our professional and personal lives have blurred, offering employers insights into their employees' lives outside of the traditional office setting. As remote work becomes more prevalent, employers are increasingly recognizing the significant influence that employees' external lives can have on their work dynamics.

I also love working in the start-up space and enjoy growing and learning alongside a company that fits in really well with Coassemble's narrative.

And of course, I love working alongside passionate people who are invested as much as I am about helping others succeed by using Coassemble.

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3. What do you love about working in Sales?

After I finished college, I fell into a sales role that was not typical. Instead of calling 100 people a day, I spent time talking to our customers and discovering how I could help them. This helped me develop a good customer-centric sales process that involved listening to the customer.

By listening to what the customer wanted, I was able to help them solve their problems rather than thinking about the next question.

I love being honest by openly telling a customer that it's OK if I can't help them. And most of all, I love helping people by solving their problems by having a good conversation.

4. What advice would you give our customers you're talking to?

Sometimes it might feel like a big step to get on top of your training, which is why we're here to help turn you into a workplace hero.

If you're keen to share your knowledge and training, check out our free Course Builder and get stuck in. Test out Coassemble and take time to navigate your way around it because we want you to love using it as much as we do.

5. What made you move to Denver?

I've worked all over The States, and I was fortunate to live in Cape Town during my studies too. After working in San Francisco, where the major tech companies are based in Silicon Valley, I was looking to move to a city that had the passion of start-ups without it being too big.

Denver felt like the perfect fit, especially with the excellent work life balance it offers. With easy access to The Rocky Mountains, I knew I could combine my love for the great outdoors with my passion for working with start-ups in this unique city.

6. What does a perfect day look like for you?

I like the simplicity in life and would be more than happy to start my day with a cup of coffee before heading out into my garden to grow roses or tulips, especially in Spring.

My love for working in start-ups, helping people grow, and growing my garden all come together in my search to continue learning and growing myself.

7. Tell us something that we might not know about you?

I have a growing bourbon collection with over 75 bottles now in my home. I can't remember why I started collecting the bottles, but maybe it's an ode to my parents as they are from Kentucky, which is the home of bourbon. Whenever I go traveling, I pick up a bottle to add to my collection. I have five bottles of Weller Bourbon because it's from Kentucky!

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