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Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Customer Success Agent, Molly

Runner, Doer, Empath, and a woman of many talents, our Customer Service Agent Molly helps Coassemble customers pave a path to success. Molly is all about growth and has plenty to share on her growth personally and professionally in her Q&A!

23 Dec 2020 by Ariel Jehwo-Malcolm

About Molly

Runner, Doer, Empath, and a woman of many talents, our Customer Service Agent Molly guides Coassemble customers on a path to success. Whether it’s helping a customer plan for their training needs, solving pain points, or just offering a moment for customers to have a genuine chat, Molly does it all. Molly is all about growth and has plenty to share on her growth personally and professionally in her Q&A!

1. Let’s start with an easy one—what is your favorite thing about Coassemble?

It is one big growth opportunity! We’re trying to grow a company, a product, a team, and an experience. We get to dream up crazy things to test out, learn from success and failures, reiterate, and repeat. Growth is addicting and I’m only really happy when I feel like I’m growing, so it is super rewarding to be immersed in an environment that day in and day out is hustling to nurture and build an idea into something big.

2. You eat, dream, and sleep Customer Success - where did this passion come from?

I hate when people say this, but “I’m an empath”. I’ve got a knack for being able to put myself in someone else's shoes and understand a challenge from all angles - which lends itself nicely to tackling complex problems and designing memorable and successful experiences.

3. So, over the years of working in Customer Success at Coassemble, you’ve developed strong relationships with our customers. What is one of your most memorable moments with a customer?

It is not a specific moment, but we’re all going through a crazy time right now and it’s hard and overwhelming in a lot of different ways. There’s been a few times recently helping customers where you can just tell they are having A DAY and that they could just use some completely non-Coassemble related kindness and I’ve been able to have real genuine conversations with them about how they are doing, hopes, dreams, you name it—and it is pretty magical and reassuring that at the end of the day we’re all in this together.

4. You’re truly a relationship expert! What are your top 3 tips for building memorable moments with customers?

  1. Know your audience - their hopes, dreams, what keeps them up at night. What success looks like to them. Where they came from, how they were sold, and what their overall experience has been like with your product and your team before they have gotten here
  2. Every action, interaction, transaction, moment, message—whatever should provide or uncover value to your customer. If it doesn't you’re wasting everyone's time.
  3. Have fun - Life is short and every interaction or experience with a customer is a moment in life neither of you will get back so it should be delightful and relatable. Read a room would be tip 4 so of course, there’s a time and place for seriousness, but if it isn’t that time, try to relate to the customer because even if you can’t solve their problem or make their life significantly better if you can at least make them smile or feel heard, everyone wins.

5. What advice would you give to others looking to pursue a career in Customer Success?

A wise man (our CEO) once told me (or rather, hammered this one into my head): Think big but start small. You can make a difference today by implementing one tiny change which you can then learn from and improve upon. Don’t try to design the perfect experience straight out of the gate because there are problems and pieces to the puzzle that you probably don’t even have yet. Don’t forget about the big picture, but take one small step towards that, test it out, get some feedback, and go from there.

6. Enough about Coassemble, Thanksgiving is approaching soon. How will you be celebrating this year?

Well, Los Angeles is probably on the brink of tighter lockdown restrictions so I’ll be staying local this year! I’ll probably start the day with a run or hike in Malibu, head home and make (or attempt to make) both apple and pumpkin pie...from scratch, eat both said apple and pumpkin pie, and Facetime with family and friends over a glass of wine (shiraz).

7. What’s one thing you're grateful for in your life at the moment?

This is going to shock anyone who knows me because I’m the type of texter who takes 3-5 business days to get back to you, but, honestly, technology for allowing us to feel together while apart. I’ve moved around a bit and have a home in many places, not to mention, 100% remote work, so it is incredible to be able to be connected to so many families, friends, and co-workers a hundred times a day via little messages, memes, slack calls, Instagram stories, etc.

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