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Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Founder, Jude

Our founder, Jude, delves into the beginnings of Coassemble, offers insights into what our customers can expect from our microlearning and authoring tool, and shares predictions for the SaaS industry.

31 Jan 2020 by Ariel Jehwo-Malcolm

About Jude

After founding a web design agency and working closely with Sydney’s top advertising agencies, Jude began developing interactive resources in the nascent online education sector, co-founding INKids Education to build applications for school children.

Jude went on to work with Samsung and Apple to create educational apps, designing and building applications that were downloaded millions of times globally. With 15 years of experience in the eLearning sector, Jude founded Coassemble.

1. You have nearly 15 years of experience in eLearning, what made you passionate about this area?

A decade ago, the eLearning industry wasn’t what it is today—when I started it was very basic and filled with boring, unengaging content. I think it was this that first triggered my passion for making a change in the industry. Prior to entering the industry, I had been a web developer, founding an educational app development company that shipped really polished, highly engaging games for kids. I wanted to bring what I’d learned about user experience and design into an industry that seemed to be stuck in the ’90s.

2. So, what made you decide to start Coassemble?

The idea for Coassemble spun out of an eLearning publishing company I had worked with for many years. I wanted to create learning content at such a high standard, I required a lot of resources and collaboration with learning designers, graphic designers, animators, and web developers. After some time it became apparent this was not sustainable and I needed to somehow streamline our processes while reducing our reliance on specialists in design and development.

What this all boiled down to was the development of a framework that would allow anyone, no matter their skill level, to be able to login to a platform and build well designed, highly engaging eLearning content in a fraction of the time that it had previously. It wasn’t long until we realized the platform we’d built was the perfect solution for many other businesses—this was the birth of Coassemble, allowing anyone to create and share online learning.

3. What is something important you’ve learned since starting Coassemble?

Listening to your customers is probably the most important thing we do at Coassemble.

In the early days, everything was gut feel. This led us to develop features that were poorly adopted, and in hindsight a waste of time.

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4. As Coassemble continues to grow, what are some things customers can look forward to?

Our focus is to continue to simplify the process of sharing knowledge on the web—in light of this, our customers are going to see some really innovative features around the delivery of online learning that is going to save them time and increase the adoption of their online training programs.

5. The eLearning tech industry is constantly changing. What do you predict will change in the industry over the next few years?

I think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the obvious change that we’re going to see in eLearning, in everything from creating content, delivering individualized adaptive programs, and nudging learners at just the right time to encourage improvements.

6. If you could choose one type of food to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A burger from Rascals 🍔

I know it’s not healthy but they’re just so damn good!

7. If you could learn to do something really well, what would it be?

I really regret giving up piano lessons when I was a kid—I’d love to be able to play the piano really well.

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