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The Only Sales Playbook Template Your Team Needs To Succeed In 2022

Use this sales playbook template and you'll be easily able to engage your sales team to sell consistently in the most effective way possible, time and time again.

4 Dec 2021 by Annie Symonds

Whether you're starting to put your sales team together or looking to improve the sales process with a great sales playbook, we've got just the template that will help save you time. Our sales playbook template will make your sales training look good; it will literally become the bible for the team to refine their sales techniques and become the rockstars they deserve to be.

If you're looking to save time on sales training and put together a concise document with the best practices, a sales playbook is the best way to do it. In this guide, we will share why you need a sales playbook, how to create a sales playbook, what our sales template looks like, and how it will help you turn heads and be noticed in your company.

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What is a sales playbook?

Let's start from scratch and give you the sales playbook definition, so we're all on the same page.

A sales playbook is a document that provides the best practices for selling a product or service in your company. During the sales onboarding process, you'll need to provide a sales playbook with everything your sales reps will need to know about selling for your company, including scenarios for different situations.

While the hiring process might make it easier to find the perfect new employees you know can sell anything well, it won't mean much unless they know what they are selling. Regardless of how senior your sales reps are, a sales playbook will come in handy for them to refer back to so they can refine their sales techniques.

You'll need to keep it updated, so it reflects the growth in your company. Using our sales playbook template will help you work on it as and when required by using our awesome lesson screen templates to help you quickly bring your content to life.

What's the difference between a sales playbook and sales enablement training?

Wondering what the difference between a sales playbook and sales enablement training is? While a sales playbook is more like a bible for how to sell in your company, it also outlines roles and responsibilities, training methods, and tactics put together by sales managers.

Sales enablement training is a different sales training process that dives deeper into training methods to help further your sales reps skills. Sales enablement will provide sales coaching and use sales enablement technology and tools to help them become better sales reps. It's usually orchestrated by a dedicated sales enablement team rather than the sales manager or sales leader.

Do you really need a sales playbook?

You might wonder the purpose of having a sales playbook when you could essentially skip it and go for the sales enablement training instead? A sales playbook is an essential document every company needs in order to grow.

It will save the whole team time

You know, having a sales playbook won't only save your new team members time, it will save the whole team time!

Firstly, sales playbooks contain everything from scripts, how to answer difficult questions, customer pain points, and so much more. When you've hired new employees, they'll need an easy document to access to refer back to as and when required. This means they won't have to spend time researching or finding random documents stored on Google Drive or, god forbid, search on Google itself for the answer.

Having a sales playbook will start your sales reps off on the right track so they won't pick up bad habits from the beginning. They will be more equipped to settle into the company much faster and will be able to produce results sooner than stopping the rest of the sales team from working by asking them questions.

Your new sales reps feel confident from the beginning

When you give your new hires the right resources, they'll feel confident in their role from the beginning. Helping new employees settle into the company as quickly as possible is crucial for the onboarding experience. Supply them with the right tools, content and processes to help them succeed and you'll see results fast. Let's face it, the last thing you want is awesome sales reps leave because of terrible training.

It will show consistency across the entire sales team

Gaining access to a sales playbook will mean consistency across the entire sales team. This means everyone will be selling the same story to customers, so as a sales manager, you'll be able to identify the positioning within the team and whether you need to change the messaging over time to ensure maximum sales slightly.

What to include to make an epic sales playbook

Now you're aware of the importance of building a sales playbook for your sales team; you'll need to understand the crucial elements which need to go into it. You'll need to include plenty of components to nail the sales process. Let's get started!

The company overview

Don't leave out the rest of the company when setting up the basics for your new employees. Think about a company org chart and highlight the team leaders and what they do in the business and how it relates to the sales team and the company as a whole.

Product overview

Put together an overview of the product or service your sales reps will be selling. They'll need to know all of the basics like how much the product costs, what the product can do, and an explanation of how the service or product works so they know exactly what they are selling and why they are selling it.

Does the product come with any features or functionality the customer will want to know about? You'll also need to make sure you include any integrations and plugins, so your sales reps know everything about what they are selling.

Buyer personas

One of the significant pieces of information your sales playbook must include is who the ideal buyers are. Provide an overview of each buyer persona and have as much information about them so your sales reps can quickly identify and understand who they are selling to refine their sales pitch quickly.

You might like to include each buyer personas; who they are, what their role is, who they work for, what size the company is, their drive for buying your product, and so much more. Do the buy personas have authority to buy your product or service? What can you highlight as a USP?

Sales plays

Sales plays and buyer personas go hand in hand. You'll want to break down the sales plays for each buyer persona your company is going after so the sales teams will know exactly what to say without sounding unnatural. This will save your new sales hires a lot of time as they'll know what to say, which will only help increase their confidence in the workplace when they see proven results.

Try and include as many buyer personas sales plays as you can so that you can give valuable insights into who your customers are and how you can help them achieve their goals.

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Coassemble is the fun, people-friendly, learner-centric, micro course builder you've been looking for.

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Goals & KPI's

Although the reason why you're creating your sales playbook is to ultimately build a strong sales team that can increase more sales, you'll need to put goals and KPI's in place, so the team knows what they are working towards. Put into achievable goals, and increase them with time as your team grows in confidence.

Which stakeholders should be involved?

You'll need to decide which stakeholders will need to be involved in building out your sales playbook. It's a given that the sales and marketing teams align with every company, so set up some workshops with the relevant marketing team members and sales leads to go through the content to be included within the document.

Analyze the success of the sales playbook

Luckily, when you use Coassemble's Sales Playbook Template, you'll be able to analyze its success through our epic data and analytics tools. Here you'll be able to easily see how long your sales team spent reading through the playbook and analyze what they clicked on so you can make improvements as and when it's needed.

What you'll find in our sales playbook template

Now we've given you the insights for what to include in your sales playbook; it's time to compile your content and use our sales playbook template to drop it into.

Wondering why you should use our sales playbook template? Your team can use our template to help you save time by turning your course content into an interactive and engaging sales playbook so your team will understand it straight away.

Use our sales playbook template or start from scratch

It doesn't matter if you're not the creative type because our sales playbook template is ready for you to take inspiration and customize as much as you please. On the other hand, you can quickly start your sales playbook from scratch and build it how you want to.

Choose from 30+ lesson screen templates

You can choose from 30+ lesson screen templates within the sales playbook course template to build your course. Jazz up your content and use a timeline to discuss the company overview. You might like to break up the course content with a quiz, so your sales team understands different processes throughout their training. Why not check out our Lesson Screen Templates to see which you will use when creating your Sales playbook?

Build a complete training experience

While you might be looking for the best sales playbook templates, we offer much more than that. Build a complete training experience to learn to create an epic sales strategy that will instantly click with your sales reps.

Our US-based friendly training experts are here to help you smash your goals, so if you need a little help to get started, drop us a message in the Live Chat, and we'll give you a hand.

We'll also give you plenty of options on how you can share your course with your sales rep when you've finished it. With endless emails filling your sales reps' inboxes every day, you want to make sure your sales playbooks are seen when you need them to be seen.

You can simply send an enrollment link to your sales team's favorite communication apps so they can learn it anywhere and anytime. If learning suits them best on their work commute, they'll be able to go through it on their phone. It's totally up to them.

When your sales organization has finished the course, you'll have an option to ask them for valuable feedback so you can keep updating it. You'll never be wondering how to create a sales playbook again once you've used Coassemble!

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Coassemble is the fun, people-friendly, learner-centric, micro course builder you've been looking for.

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Our 7-day free trial is designed so you can have some time to go through Coassemble and see if it's the right fit for you. Play around with our course templates and lesson screen templates and discover the fantastic functionality it holds to bring your content to life. This free sales playbook template you can try out will have you thinking of more courses you can create for your team in no time. Trust us; we're going to turn you into a workplace hero in no time!

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