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Create lessons online with Coassemble's online lesson maker

Create lessons online in minutes. Choose from a range of interactive and engaging lesson screen layouts, add your course content and share with a simple link once it’s ready!

Make an interactive and engaging lesson online and share it anywhere

Creating lessons online allows you to easily formalize your training and see what’s working. Coassemble lets you transform offline lessons in documents like PDF’s, presentations, and Word docs into interactive and engaging online lssons in minutes.

Start creating your lessons online

How to create a lesson online in just a few clicks

  1. Launch Coassemble

    Open up Coassemble and log in or sign up for a new account.

  2. Set up your online lesson

    Give your lesson a title, description and upload a course image to show what your lesson is all about.

  3. Select a screen layout type

    Choose from over 30 interactive screen layouts, including interactive presentation screens, pop quizzes, video, challenge screens and more.

  4. Customize your content

    Add your lesson content into the templates. You can use images from the Unsplash image library, add GIFs or videos alongside your information to make it stand out.

  5. Preview and share

    You can preview the lesson online to see how it looks 👀 and then grab the share link and send it out 🚀

Create a lesson online now

Why should I use an online lesson maker?

Team training

If you are running a business you can turn your business how-to’s into engaging lessons online for your team. Share these to scale and grow your business with ease. Use quizzes to help retain knowledge and skills. Quizzes make lessons more interactive and engaging. When used alongside learning can boost the retention of information and it makes learning more fun.

Compliance requirements? No worries, coassemble allows you to easily create lessons such as sexual harassment or OH&S. You can share training with a simple link. Access analytics to see who has completed the training.

Customer training

Want to train customers on your goods and services? You can easily create short lessons to showcase your products. Our hotspot layout is perfect for this!

Have a complex product? Use Coassemble to create customer onboarding journeys. Again you will be able to see which customers are engaged and which ones you should be worried about. Our design services team can even help you to create more complex lessons.

Over 30 screen layout templates

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how many screens I can include in my lesson?

No—you can add as many screen types as you like.

What type of screen layouts are available?

We have over 30 screen layouts available, giving you unlimited possibilities to display your lessons in an interactive and engaging way. See all the layout types here.

Will my online courses work on mobile devices?

Coassemble is fully mobile responsive—so your assignment will look great on any device.

How can I share my lesson online?

You can share your lesson online using a simple preview link, an enrollment link, or via email.

Can I see who has accessed my lesson online?

Yes! You can dive into analytics and you’ll see who is taking your lesson online, which screens they engaged with, how they performed in their quizzes and more.

Can I integrate my online course with other apps?

All paid Coassemble plans come with access to Zapier so you can integrate with the apps you use daily. There are over 1500 apps to choose from.

Reviews from G2 Crowd

Amanda B

"Great, interactive product"

The learning templates are amazing. It can turn a piece of dry information into an interactive, impactful piece of learning. I love the ease of creating content as well.

Esmeralda Q

"Easiest training software to use"

The functionality as well as how user-friendly it is, both for the trainers and the learners.

Rimer Carlyle E

"Coassemble made our virtual class fun and easy"

Coassemble has the best customer support! Kudos.

Create a new lesson online

Use our online lesson maker to start creating your lessons online today.