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Create a slideshow with our slideshow maker

Learn to create a slideshow in minutes with Coassemble’s awesome slideshow maker. You'll discover how easy it is to transform your content by dropping it into a slideshow creator your employees will love.

Make an engaging slideshow online here

Learn to make a photo slideshow or video slideshow you can share online with a simple link.

Start Creating Your Slideshow

Learn how to create a slideshow easily

Our slideshow makers are easy to use so you can whip one up in minutes! Simply follow these how to make a slideshow steps below!

  1. Launch Coassemble

    Open up Coassemble and log in or sign up for a new account with our free trial.

  2. Set up your slideshow

    Create a new screen and select “slideshow” as the screen type

  3. Upload your images

    Choose images from our Unsplash library or upload your own images or GIFs to your slideshow.

  4. Add your copy

    Include a heading and introduction to your slideshow, and add captions to your images.

  5. Preview and share

    You can preview the slideshow to see how it looks 👀 then grab the share link and send it out 🚀

Start Creating Your Slideshow

Why should I use an online slideshow maker?

Use our interactive slideshow to showcase your images in an engaging way to transform online training. A slideshow can clarify or reinforce information, ideas, comments, solutions or suggestions in a visual way.

You can use slideshows to showcase:

  • Products

Use the slideshow to showcase your items in an engaging and interactive way. You will also be able to see who looked at your slideshow and how much time they spent engaged with it. You can embed the slideshow on your website as well.

  • Events

Use the slideshow to highlight an event to engage future event participants as a lead generation tool.

  • Office locations

Use the slideshow maker to show off your various office locations, perfect for onboarding new team members, or for customer presentations.

  • Transformations

Want to highlight an amazing transformation? Use the slideshow creator to show before and after imagery. This could be used to engage future customers to build awareness of your services or offering.

  • People

Use the slideshow maker to showcase key members of your team. This could be for new staff onboarding or for customer service to introduce key points of contact.

Over 30 screen layout templates

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how many slides I can include in my slideshow?

No—there is no limit. You can add as many slides as you like to the slideshow maker online.

What type of content can I include in my slideshow?

You can choose from your own images or GIFs, or choose from our Unsplash library.

Does my slideshow work on mobile devices?

Coassemble is fully mobile responsive — so your slideshow will look great on any device.

Can I see who has accessed my slideshow?

If you want to see who is accessing your slideshow, you can share it using an enrollment link. This means you’ll see who is viewing your slideshow—a great way to generate leads or gauge engagement.

Can I integrate my slideshow with other apps?

All paid Coasssemble plans come with access to Zapier so you can integrate with the apps you use daily. Send leads to Mailchimp to be nurtured, or add them to your Intercom or CRM platform. There are over 1500 apps to choose from.

Reviews from G2 Crowd

Amanda B

"Great, interactive product"

The learning templates are amazing. It can turn a piece of dry information into an interactive, impactful piece of learning. I love the ease of creating content as well.

Esmeralda Q

"Easiest training software to use"

The functionality as well as how user-friendly it is, both for the trainers and the learners.

Rimer Carlyle E

"Coassemble made our virtual class fun and easy"

Coassemble has the best customer support! Kudos.

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Use our slideshow maker to start creating your slideshow today.