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The Australian Medical Acupuncture College (AMAC) promotes acupuncture by medical practitioners as a safe, effective and unique modality of treatment within the framework of western medicine to achieve better health outcomes for all Australians. They provide a national acupuncture training course for medical professionals. AMAC was formed in 1973 and now has branches in all states Australia wide.

The Challenge

Historically, the courses were run individually at the state level. Then the courses were consolidated into one national program. 


Anita (the convener) and Natasha (the chair), are the project champions. They initially started out creating and providing printed handouts of coursework to participants. This was not a scalable solution and with the consolidation of the program into a national course, there was a greater volume of students. 


Additionally, most of the professionals who undertake the training do so alongside their full-time jobs, so they require flexibility with their course delivery. The courses needed to be available at times convenient for the learners, to a widely dispersed audience on all devices, so they began to search for a better solution. 


Initially, Anita and Natasha were uploading course materials into Dropbox so members could access the documentation from the cloud. They then delivered lectures via webinars. This was problematic as there were issues with file management within their Dropbox account due to the volume of content. This made it difficult for learners to locate course materials. They also had no way to conduct assessments through these platforms. Assignments were emailed and created a lot of manual administration for Anita.

Students are much happier using Coassemble because it's so much easier to access everything.

The Solution

The team met to discuss their issues and decided that a learning management system (LMS) would be a great solution to their problem. 


Attending a learning conference in Queensland, the team looked at various online training providers, one of which was Coassemble. After evaluating a few options, Anita and Natasha decided to trial Coassemble. 


The trainers at AMAC had never used a learning management system before. They were initially “panicked” as they were not particularly tech-savvy and they didn’t have any internal resources to support the project.


However, after their onboarding and receiving support from the Coassemble team, Anita and Natasha were able to adapt to using a learning management system. Using the authoring tool, they were able to clearly structure their training program and create 11 sequential online courses, making it easy for their learners to navigate through the course material. 


Anita and Natasha have been able to set up formal assessments so that they are able to easily view and track their learner progress, completion, and submissions. 

The Results

Anita and Natasha found their students were very happy to transition from the disparate Dropbox and webinar process to an LMS. 


Coassemble has allowed them to centralize their program and consolidate training materials all in one place. The AMAC team also uses progress and completion data for their annual compliance reporting. 


Anita and Natasha found Coassemble’s support team to be of great value during their initial set up period, and for ongoing support. They connect with the Coassemble team via both live chat and email, which has been quick and helpful. 


Overall using the platform has saved them several hours each week.

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