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TIG Brands

Expand an in-person and virtual consulting program with online training in a matter of weeks.

Unlimited Plan
Natural Products
4 Employees
Use Case
Scaling Manual Training Online
California, USA

The Challenge

TIG Brands offers a customized 1:1 program that helps natural product brands scale, positioning them to raise capital, prove velocity, gain distribution, and grow. But the most important part of the program? CEO and Founder Elliot says it's helping people see the importance of empathy in their business model.

After eight years of successful consulting, expanding TIG Brand’s business model became a major goal for Elliot. Even before being impacted by market shifts in 2020, TIG’s program was quickly in need of scaling.

Elliot and the team were trying to figure out how they could serve one-to-many. They're application-based for the one-to-one brand accelerator program and they’re always full. So the problem was being able to still offer that same intimate, personalized consulting while being able to share it with a wider audience. And then March 2020 happened.

“In March, one of the largest trade show events happens right then, and it actually was canceled as we were walking into the center for COVID-19. They shut it down. So there was this concern about, you know, what are we gonna do, how are we going to navigate this. And that was the moment that I committed to bringing this (online training) to light and prioritizing it.”

Listen to Elliot's story on Ep. 3 of The CoLab Podcast!

"You've gotta think about another product in a way to extend your business if you don't want to be so tethered to it day in and day out.."

Elliot Begoun

The Solution

Elliot was actually one of our first customers on AppSumo when we launched our brand years back. Though he played around with the online training platform, he didn’t have the time to fully invest in building out a program. Coming back to 2020, Elliot, in true entrepreneurial fashion, took a leap off the cliff and began building an airplane on the way down (his first online training course).

TIG Brand’s online training program began with ten brands. They held an arduous application to select companies from diverse backgrounds, categories, and life-cycles. This would ensure the training content was able to serve a wider audience and compliment a 1-1 consulting session. Elliot and his team then mapped out a sixteen-week online training program.

Each week, Elliot would create a course, deliver it, and then get feedback. From there, he’d go back, revise how to improve the next piece of content, and then create the next session. Though originally planning to offer one course a week, Elliot realized two weeks provided more time to dive into feedback and revise the previous and following course content.

In total, he built eight individual online training courses, each of which was built and improved upon based on feedback from learners. And from this, Elliot began combing his Coassemble training into his business model.

💡 Pro Tip: Though not directly connected, what Elliot did was apply practices of the learner-first model of training. This method centers the learner of any training content in any planning, content creation, delivery, and revision process. Why is this so important? Because if you’re able to deliver a more engaging training experience for the learner, you’re able to guarantee better training outcomes.

The Results

Elliot likes to look at his training content as a “living, breathing thing.” There’s not really ever going to be a final cut because he wants to constantly improve it. That’s why he hosts open office hours for customers, to get feedback on what they need, and answer questions when entrepreneurs have them. TIG Brands also provides an online community forum for brands to talk with each other in the program and share ideas. There’s also a weekly virtual workshop to encourage community building and help brands exchange knowledge.

The online training content from TIG Brands gets a lot of positive feedback because of how authentic it still feels. And because of how Coassemble is built for the true sharing of knowledge, Elliot can put in content that customers can take with them. Some of it might be articles, some of it might be video, some even in podcast form. And they can train on their walk or wherever it's most convenient for them. However, customers want to consume the training—TIG Brands tries to make learning fit easily into their customers' lives.

After using Coassemble for the better half of 2020, Elliot sees the results of leveraging effective online training. Not only does he see an online training platform like Coassemble as a business tool, but he also recognizes the value of time it returns to his team. He mentions that within the next few years, the online training content will grow to eclipse 50% of TIG Brand's total revenue.

Support is a big part of what Coassemble does and really embodies who we are as a brand. Likewise for Elliot and the team at TIG Brands, they want to support their customers now more than ever. Elliot mentions one of the things about being an entrepreneur is that it can be isolating. If you're living with a business 24/7, you're living with your doubts and your fears around it. What TIG Brands does is letting other founders know that they're not alone.

By using online training, Elliot can spend more time being there for his customers to guide them. And time is a resource we all can use a little more of, no matter the use case.

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