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Using Slack in your Business

Slack is not only just an instant chat tool, there are many other features that will help you in your business.

Working Remotely – Managing A Remote Team

Remote work has grown by 173% since 2005. Well, it’s no surprise! The benefits for the business and the workers are numerous.

Marketing with Infographics

Ever wanted to know how to better represent data or information? Complete this short course to learn how to easily create an infographic using online resources.


Work through this unit to gain a better understanding of leadership. You’ll learn about different leadership styles along with techniques to build effective teams and ensure effective communication.

Using Appropriate PPE

Learn a few of the basics of work health and safety along with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In this module, you’ll find out about a few of the types of PPE and some situations that might require you to use it.

Project Management

Learn the basics of project management. This short course will provide you with a brief overview of some helpful project management tools and their application in monitoring and controlling successful projects.

We have fun training modules too!

True Love 101

Call it puppy love, but we’re crazy about you! Shakespeare had sonnets, Ed Sheeran has ridiculously catchy tunes, and Coassemble has….well…courses! Lot’s of courses! What better way to show you our hearts than through an online learning module.

Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Wine

Keen to learn more about the art of drinking wine? The Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Wine can help you to understand the different types of wine and methods for production. This module can also provide you with some tips for tasting, discussing, storing and serving wine.

A Guide to Happiness

Need a little help on your way to being happy? This module can help you begin to understand the ambiguous concept of “happiness” and provide you with a number of strategies to get on your way to beating the blues.

How Well Do You Know Your US Presidents?

Are you up to the challenge? Take Coassemble’s Presidents Day quiz to test your knowledge. Score 100% and email us your results and you might just even win a special prize!

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