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Wheel Lesson Screen Template

Engage your users with an interactive spin wheel

Use the Wheel screen template to create interactive and engaging content in a spin the wheel format.

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Mobile first wheel template

Easy to add/update

Simply drag & drop to reorder slices

How to create an interactive wheel screen in just a few clicks

  1. Launch Coassemble

    Open up Coassemble and log in or sign up for a new account.

  2. Select the wheel lesson screen

    Create a new screen and select "wheel" as the screen type.

  3. Add a title and description

    Enter a title and add some copy to let users know what your wheel content is all about. Edit inline—you’ll see exactly how your finished design will look.

  4. Add your content

    Include a heading and description for each of the wheel segments. Want to add a new segment? Simply click on the + to add more.

  5. Preview and share

    You can preview the wheel to see how it looks 👀 and then grab the share link and send it out 🚀

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Why should I use the wheel screen template?

The wheel template is perfect to explain a list of items in more detail. Think bullet points—but a million times better. The wheel uses SmartColor™ technology to select a different color for each wheel segment based on your primary workspace color.

You can use the wheel screen to:

  • Show a range of options
  • Describe key benefits of a product
  • Explain a list of tasks

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose the colours used on the wheel?

Yes, you can choose the primary colour for your wheel. By default the wheel automatically picks a different color for each individual sliced based on your primary workspace color. This means your wheel will always look good! You can also change the segment colours using the colour picker.

Is there a limit to how many segments I can add to the wheel?

You can add up to 12 segments in your wheel.

Does the wheel template work on mobile devices?

Coassemble is fully mobile responsive—the wheel will look great on any device.

Can I see who has accessed my wheel content?

Yes, if you want to see who is accessing your content, you can share it using an enrollment link. This means you’ll see exactly who is looking at your wheel. This requires a paid plan.

Can I integrate my wheel with other apps?

All paid Coasssemble plans come with access to Zapier so you can integrate with the apps you use daily. Send leads to Mailchimp to be nurtured, or add them to your Intercom or CRM platform. Accept payment for courses, or automate follow-up actions when someone completes a course. There are endless possibilities, with over 1500 apps to choose from.

Reviews from G2 Crowd

Amanda B

"Great, interactive product"

The learning templates are amazing. It can turn a piece of dry information into an interactive, impactful piece of learning. I love the ease of creating content as well.

Esmeralda Q

"Easiest training software to use"

The functionality as well as how user-friendly it is, both for the trainers and the learners.

Rimer Carlyle E

"Coassemble made our virtual class fun and easy"

Coassemble has the best customer support! Kudos.

Create a course with interactive wheel content

Use our course builder to start creating interactive wheel presentation today.