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We're building

next level customer training

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Showing customers how to use your product can be a challenge...

  • Support reps are effective, but heavy reliance on support is not scalable.
  • Help centres provide uninspiring walls of text and images.
  • Standalone resources like videos can’t tell the whole story.

But training your customers has a massive business impact

  • Successful user onboarding is the number one driver of retention
  • Upskilling your users into advocates drives word of mouth sales and positive brand outcomes.
  • Providing self service customer training reduces the single biggest cost of support: your wage bill.

Help us build Coassemble Academy and take customer training to the next level.

Engaging content

Package together existing resources with interactive screens and challenges to create engaging platform training courses.

Easily accessible

Embed your content on a public ‘Academy’ page for users to access anytime.

Share content inside your platform and support conversations to enable timely, bitesize delivery of product training.

Deep analytics

See what users and user cohorts are completing your product training.

Access deep analytics to understand where your product’s learning curve sits.

Seamless integrations

Integrate with your tech stack to provide event-based messaging and rewards for users that complete your product training.