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Course Templates

Save time and build online training quickly using our course templates to customize and put your stamp on.

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Onboarding templates

Freelancer onboarding

Create a course to give freelancers a great onboarding experience with your organization.

Company onboarding

Welcome new employees with a great onboarding experience by customizing this template.

Onboarding checklist

Explore our onboarding checklist template to get some inspiration for your own course to train managers in onboarding new staff.

Onboarding steps

Get inspired to create a course for your managers who have the responsibility of onboarding new team members.

Onboarding plan

Use our template as inspiration for your own 90-day onboarding plan for new team members.

Intern onboarding

Start your process for onboarding your newest intern with this course template.

Onboarding for remote employees

This template will show you how to best utilize Coassemble to onboard your remote team members.

Employee handbook

Use our employee handbook template as inspiration for your organization’s course.

Policies & Procedures templates

Leave policy

Use our leave policy course template to communicate your own leave policy to your team.

Occupational health and safety training

Roll out occupational health and safety training to minimize risks in your workplace using our course template as a starting point.

Travel policy

Use our course template as a starting point to communicate your travel policy to your team.

Cultural sensitivity

Leverage our cultural sensitivity training template to create a culturally competent team.

Confidentiality training

Implement your own training for team members to learn confidentiality basics.

Mental health first aid training

Create training to support your team’s mental health and wellbeing.

First aid training

Design first aid training for your organization.

Employee performance review

If you’re unsure about your employee performance review program, explore our template.

Data security training

With the increased reliance on cloud technology, data security has never been more important.

Diversity training

Use this template as a starting point to develop your diversity training.

Employee perks program

Launching an employee perks program? Use our employee perks program template to communicate your benefits to new team members

Employee referral program

Review our employee referral program template to see how you can utilize Coassemble to communicate your company’s referral process internally.

Conflict resolution

Use our conflict resolution course template as the foundations to develop your own in-house training.

Social media guidelines

Inform your team of your workplace social media policy by adapting this course template.

Sexual harassment training

Use this course template as inspiration to build your own sexual harassment training in-house.

Remote work policy

Unsure how to enable your company to work remotely? Start to set your team up for success with this practical course template.

Employee disciplinary action

This template will show you how to teach team members about the process for completing a disciplinary action form.

Product Training templates

Product introduction

Need to briefly walk your customers through your website or app? Our Product introduction template will show you how you can use our screens to highlight key features.

Product updates

Want to keep everyone in your team up-to-date with product changes? Look no further than our product update template.

Product instructions

Need to run through how your product gets a job done? Use our course template to teach your customers how your product works.

Frequently asked questions

Unsure how to easily present your FAQ to your customers? Look no further than this course template.

Product catalogue

Explore our product catalogue template to see how we can support you in showcasing your brand’s products.

Product roadmap

We’ve created this template as a starting point for you to develop your own product roadmap.

Product launch strategy

We’ve created this template for companies who need to communicate information about an upcoming product launch to your team

Product training for sales

Be inspired by our product training template to develop your own course for your sales team.

Product training for marketing

Need to educate your marketers about your product? We’ve got you covered.

Team Training templates

Business plan

Welcome to our launchpad for building a business plan using Coassemble.

Marketing plan

This professional template will help you jumpstart your marketing plan course.

Brand strategy

Use this course as inspiration for developing your own unique brand strategy.

Churn strategy

Use our churn strategy template to kickoff the creation of your own course.

Go-to-market strategy

Use our template as inspiration for your product’s go-to-market strategy.

Sales playbook

Struggling to get all your sales resources together? Start with our template.

Talking to customers

Develop your team’s communication skills by adapting this example course.

Effective communication

Use this course template to teach your team about effective communication.

Emotional intelligence

Use our course template as inspiration for your own emotional intelligence course.

Writing a job description

Need to train your managers to write a clear job description for potential team members? Look no further.

Interview process

This course template can be easily updated to teach anyone involved in conducting job interviews at your organization about the interview process.

Selection process

Use this template as inspiration to create your own course and educate your team internally about the selection process.


Wanting to document your recruitment process but unsure where to start? Explore our recruitment template.

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