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Accelerate your training process by combining expert knowledge and resources into easy to use templates to educate your team. If you’re a training novice or an L&D wizard, authoring tools can help.

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These teams train better with Coassemble

What is an authoring tool?

Online training platforms offer a variety of tools and features to help you grow your business and team at scale. Of all the different offerings, a training content authoring tool is arguably the most powerful for online training platforms. Find out why in our latest blog post!

The complete package: things to consider before choosing an LMS with a built-in authoring tool

Remote teams require a little more attention to engage than in-office teams. They also can operate significantly more autonomously once they’re adjusted. We drafted this article to help remote team managers elevate their team’s professional lives and build stronger relationships.

7 tips to cut online training costs with a rapid eLearning authoring tool

Remote work is rapidly becoming the standard work environment for what used to be considered “in-office only” roles. With the COVID-19 spread shifting many companies online, knowing how to work at home is essential.

Top 3 reasons you need an authoring tool

Rapid authoring tools don’t always require advanced L&D experience (and the best ones shouldn’t). But there are some important things to consider when weighing whether an authoring tool is right for you and your team.

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