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Struggling with consistency in your organization?

You need a way to deliver operation knowledge to everyone in your organization and ensure standards are being met. Create online courses that share your best practices and policies with everyone that needs to know. Track progress and receive reports on learner completion.

Policies & procedures

Create and deliver policies & procedures—no software download required. Your courses will look amazing on any device.

Customizable templates

Quickly create professional-looking courses using our templates and customize them to make them your own..

Simple & Easy to Use

Awarded Top 20 best LMS based on user experience in 2020. We design everything based around the user. It's one of our company values!


Create, share, & track in one easy to use platform

Policies, procedures, and processes can be difficult to get out to your organization, and harder to verify people are applying them. Skip the headaches of trying to figure out who’s read which policy PDF by sharing easily created courses that tell you when someone’s finished their training.



Scalable growth for any team

Manually sharing information with new additions in your organization or updating existing knowledge with current team members can be a major time suck. Accelerate your business growth with a platform that scales with your team by saving you time and resources.


Streamlining consistency

Coassemble enables you to streamline branding, policies, and standards in one platform and share it with everyone. Create, deliver, and update all of your course content in a matter of minutes—not weeks.


Easy to use, easier to master

Training software doesn’t have to be complex or require years of experience to leverage. Our platform is all about ease of use to make your job easier and make sharing knowledge more effective than ever while looking as good as the pro’s work. And Coassemble plays well with your favorite platforms thanks to integrations with Zapier!


Project management made easy

Launching a new project but need to share it with your team first? Use online courses to leverage engaging tools to:

  • Deliver project information

  • Split-test ideas

  • Gather feedback on next steps

  • Track who’s reviewed the project

Start project initiatives that your team will engage with, manage who gets the information, and ensure everyone is prepared for the next step.


Onboard in-person or remote

Whether you’re bringing on new hires in the office or remotely, you need to deliver a great welcome experience. Share team knowledge, deliver policies and procedures, and get new hires ready to hit the ground running on day one. And offer an effective employee experience whether your face-to-face or communicating remotely.

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