Authoring Course Content

The Challenge

Many organizations currently have an LMS but are looking for a more comprehensive authoring tool to create interactive, engaging training materials.

“We are looking for an easy to use authoring tool that will be compatible with our current LMS to create powerful, interactive training materials; as we currently find it difficult and time consuming to create content for our LMS”

The Solution

Coassemble makes authoring easy with over 40 drag and drop templates including presentation templates, checkpoint templates, interactive lesson templates, gamification templates and branching scenarios. Coassemble also offers a powerful WYSIWYG editor, audio upload for narration, WCAG 2.0 Compliance, instructor tips and duplication of courses and elements.   Coassemble’s rapid authoring tool allows you to live edit and update training content. This means that content will automatically update in your LMS to ensure your content is kept up-to-date and in one place, no matter where it is served. You can export course content via a URL link. Coassemble has created a plan that is focused around authoring for this specific need. 

The Results

Your trainers will be able to rapidly create powerful, interactive content that doesn’t compromise when it comes to aesthetics. By creating engaging content, learner engagement will increase, which will simultaneously reduce learner turnover. With an easy to use rapid authoring tool, the time spent creating content is drastically reduced and doesn’t require additional or specialized resources to create, resulting in increased operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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