The Challenge

Compliance is a critical requirement for a lot of companies looking to mitigate risk. However, many companies are still experiencing problems when tracking compliance training. Most companies are still tracking compliance using spreadsheets, or are not tracking compliance at all. Inefficiently tracking compliance means that companies are wasting countless hours pulling compliance data together for audits and reports, and the failure to track compliance accurately can result in serious legal issues.

“We have good training, but are struggling to collate accurate data quickly for compliance requirements”

The Solution

Coassemble’s compliance mapping and reporting tools allow companies to automate compliance tracking and access real time data on compliance outcomes..time to complete

  • Create and export a range of reports around commencement, completion and grading scores, down to time spent per page per learner.
  • Data retention and archiving means that Coassemble will save your compliance records even if your account is deactivated.
  • Compliance mapping allows you to map your training content to compliance outcomes and automate compliance reporting.

The Results

The task of collating data is eliminated by automation, meaning that trainers now can spend more time  focusing on training and less time pulling together reports.   More importantly, senior management can rest assured that compliance is being accurately tracked, minimising the risk of compliance-related business issues.

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