Design Services

The Challenge

51% of the U.S workforce is not engaged in their organization – State of the American Workplace Report. More often than not, trainers will be expected to create their own eLearning resources. There are several challenges trainers will encounter during content creation:  

  1. Lack of internal resources: Many organizations are trying to do more with less. This often leaves trainers time-poor with less time to focus on structuring their training program and creating the content. 
  2. Lack of L&D skills: As much as we believe trainers are truly superstars, they may lack the advanced skills required to create and structure quality learning content that will meet training outcomes. 
  3. Ability to meet the learner’s requirements: Some learners require visually rich content that may prove difficult to create for trainers without graphic design skills.

"I want to create engaging training for my employees, but I have limited resources and I don't know where to start”

The Solution

eLearning content creation requires a structured approach in order for the learner to achieve desired learning outcomes. If you’re still refining your training program, our design services team can assist in developing this structure, and tailor it to meet learning outcomes.


Coassemble is a rapid authoring tool that allows learning designers to create content efficiently—usually much quicker than customer expectations! The platform provides interactive presentation and challenge templates to create powerful, bite-size training content that looks and feels beautiful.


Our design services team can elevate your training by adding visually rich content like characters, illustrations, and animations. The finished product will be an engaging, fully-branded course, that will be ready to roll out to your learners!


From here, your team will have the ability to make live edits and updates to your content, and utilize the rest of Coassemble’s features like tracking and social learning.

The Results

A highly engaged workforce can lead to a 21% increase in profit—The Right Culture Report. Design services eliminate the hassle of content creation, and save your trainers time – and wrinkles! Our team has years of experience in creating interactive, custom content that will speak to your learners in a way they understand.


Using design services ensures you have the best content to engage your learners and achieve your learning outcomes.


Coassemble is easy-to-use, delivering the training to your learners the way they want to learn, and where they want to learn. The platform does the hard yards for you by tracking and collecting granular data as your learners progress through their training. This means your trainers will have access to accurate, real-time data—a gold mine for insights about your learners, which can be easily exported for reporting in your organization.

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