External Training

The Challenge

Many companies are looking for a solution to train their clients or customers on their organization’s product offering. Often these companies use manual methods and have trouble centralizing and updating their content. They also need a solution that can be available and accessible at a time and place to suit their customers.

"We provide our clients with a product/service, and need a way to train our clients on our product offering."

The Solution

Coassemble is an all-in-one LMS, meaning you can create your training materials, deliver it to your learners (in this case, your clients), and track their progress and results. 


Getting started can sometimes prove to be a challenge, but our award-winning support team is here to help and will provide you with all you need to have a smooth start.


  • Advanced Branding to make your workspace look and feel like your business.
  • Share videos, documentation or create interactive lessons to educate your clients. 
  • Create quizzes to ensure that your training sticks. 
  • Sell your courses and auto-enroll users through Zapier integrations.
  • Organize your clients in departments and groups.

The Results

Using a tool like Coassemble your organization is able to add value for customers by:

  • Providing specific, branded training courses for your organization’s product or service.
  • Delivering a professional and engaging customer onboarding experience.
  • Allowing you to easily scale training to a larger audience for no additional resource cost.

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