The Challenge

Organizations generally use several different apps in their training processes, but more often than not, they are disconnected and disjointed. 


Trainers can be stuck spending hours of work on repetitive, time-consuming tasks, and your learners are left navigating through a web of different apps. This leads to a complex, inefficient training process for both the trainer and the learner.


Many organizations are looking for a way to connect the apps they like using, with their LMS, to enhance their training processes. This can be achieved through integrations, however, integrations can require coding skills and can be complex to set up. 

“We want to connect and sync data across our platforms to enhance our learner's experience, but we are struggling to make it seamless.”

The Solution

Zapier is an easy to use tool that allows you to set up integrations quickly. Zapier enables you to connect and sync data between 1500+ popular apps that you use regularly.

Zapier seamlessly integrates with Coassemble, allowing you to do more with your Coassemble workspace.



MailChimp can be integrated to automate emails for your Coassemble online training.


Ally has a new cohort of 100+ learners for a Code of Conduct course that she needs to run. After the cohort completed their training, Ally wants to be able to send the learners emails to re-engage them for refresher courses throughout the year.

Ally decided to integrate her online training with MailChimp so that every time a participant is enrolled in a Coassemble course, the learner will automatically be added as a new subscriber to Ally’s MailChimp mailing list.


To see what’s possible take a look at the full list of apps available to integrate with your Coassemble workspace. 

Note: Not all features of an application will be replicated within Coassemble, and some applications may require paid accounts.

The Results

By using integrations, this can save your trainers time and allow them to focus their efforts on what matters – training! By freeing up some time, this will also allow your trainers to train more people. 


Using integrations is a great way to increase the engagement of your learners as you are able to incorporate the apps they use and like, to create an enriched learning experience.

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