The Challenge

Gallup has found that only 12% of employees believe their organization does a great job onboarding new employees.


Companies without a structured onboarding program face an increased risk of staff churn, a longer ramp up time for new hires, and a drain on current resources whenever new hires are made (as existing staff spend excess time training new recruits).

“We have good training, but are struggling to collate accurate data quickly for compliance requirements”

The Solution

Using Coassemble, teams can create powerful, structured onboarding courses that ensure new staff are quickly up to speed.


Coassemble is focused around providing a simple and powerful user experience.


To ensure your employees are being onboarded with the latest policy and procedures, facilitators are able to edit the content live and deploy training simply through a link.


Coassemble works closely with Zapier to automate parts of the onboarding process (such as auto-enrollment) so that your employees can focus on supporting new staff.


Coassemble has a range of templates to test your employees competency and collates data for you to track their progress during onboarding.

The Results

A well designed onboarding program has been found to increase staff retention by 68%.


With staff churn estimated to cost between 6 and 9 months of an employees’ salary, a powerful Coassemble-based onboarding program significantly impacts a business’ bottom line by reducing churn-associated costs.


Furthermore, existing staff spend less time on training when new hires are made, as onboarding is centralized and structured.


Lastly, new hires will see a quicker ramp-up time, shortening the period of learning required before they can start contributing to the business.

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