Scaling Manual Training Online

The Challenge

A lot of companies have trainers who repeat the same in-person training again and again… and again. Conducting repetitive training in-person is resource heavy, costly, and hard to scale. Employees are taken out of the real work that delivers profitability to the business.

"Our trainers are spending most of their time repeating the same workshops over and over again"

The Solution

With Coassemble, companies can consolidate their in-person sessions online with our content builder, creating centralised resources that require less in-person training.  

  • Build content and courses with no design training required, upload trainer videos and add pre- and post-assessment.
  • Access detailed reports to track training completion and results.
  • Schedule course availability and enrolment dates to structure the delivery of content.

The Results

  • For under $25 per learner per year, trainers cut the time they spend training staff in-person by an average of 2 hours per trainer per day, saving thousands in wage costs and allowing training staff to focus on improving training strategies.
  • Employees are able to complete training wherever and whenever they want. Engagement rates rise and measurable business outcomes are achieved as teams apply their training.
  • Online training can be easily scaled across company locations to ensure consistency and quality standards are maintained.

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