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of LMS users wish for a better experience

Keeping things simple, sleek and streamlined.

Learning Management Systems are notoriously clunky. We’ve cleaned up the whole mess and combined the authoring and LMS tools into one easy-to-master platform.

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At Coassemble we offer everyday support from real humans who are on the level and happy to help. Basically, we’re here to help you train, without the drain. All reasons why our customer satisfaction rating is sitting pretty at 98%.

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Max efficient. Min spend.

With our all-in-one solution, you’ll save money by creating your program, training your team and reporting on progress without switching tools. We’ve got all the features you need, in one convenient place. Coassemble is like the Swiss army knife of LMSs, only it won’t get rusty because we’re always updating. The best bit is, you’ll save money by keeping your content creation internal and online.

Pricing plans
$8,958Avg. monthly cost to train 100
employees* line
$249Per month for 100 users

*Source text: 'Training Industry Report 2017,
Corporations in United States'

We’ve got all the training tools in our belt.
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Coassemble helped our Coca-Cola Capability Managers recognize the importance of taking a user-centered design approach to help make our learning better


Shaunda Paden
Senior Sales Capability Manager


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