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Share knowledge the easy way

Download in-house wisdom from your best and brightest staff. Use it to create online courses to train your team. Keep track of their progress and measure your success, all on one platform.

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Keeping things simple, sleek and streamlined.

LMS users want a better experience (83% of them say so). That’s why we created one. A UX-driven platform that lets you translate your business knowledge into clear, concise, and easily digestible chunks of wisdom, so you can share them with your team.

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Designed to step things up as you do

There’s no cap on Coassemble users. So we’re useful when you’re small enough to remember everyone’s coffee orders, and when you’re big enough to forget names at the Christmas party. We drop new features and updates regularly, which means we keep up with your progress. So if you’re a business on the up, you can always rely on us to help tackle each new challenge.

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Max efficient.
Min spend.

Coassemble is like the Swiss Army Knife of LMSs, only it won’t get rusty because we’re always updating. With us, you get all the features you need, in one convenient place. The best bit is, you’ll save money by keeping your content creation internal and online.

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Support that gets you back in the zone (from any time zone)

We offer support from genuine human beings who understand the challenges of growing a business (we’re a growing business too!). Even if your team is scattered across the country or around the world, we’ll be ready to chat or email back with some on-point advice (plus a bagful of gifs). We can help get your team up to speed and across what they need to know, in real time. So you can get back to planning the best ways to communicate, consolidate and Coassemble.

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Thumbs up, smile emoji, top stars

Our customer satisfaction rating is sitting pretty at 4.5 stars. Time after time, we’ve given people the tools and guidance they need to define their business strategies, share knowledge effectively and level-up their whole team. And that’s something to smile emoji about.

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Welcome to Coassemble

Say hello to easier online training.

Reach out to talk about how Coassemble can streamline your business. We’re ready to help.

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