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We are Coassemble

Coassemble is an online training tool that connects people with the information they need – anytime, anyplace. Since our start as humble lines of code in 2016, we’ve always believed in delivering outstanding customer support and constant improvements.

Ryan MacPherson, CEO

Ryan is the co-founder and CEO of Coassemble. Ryan is a thoughtful leader that does his best to help his team from the frontline. Whether it’s leading all-hands meetings, chatting with investors, strategizing with the leadership team, or helping a team member succeed, Ryan is always available. Ryan’s seen the power of engaged teams and how incredible that experience can be for any organization that has the right tools.

Jude Novak, Founder/CPO

Jude Novak is the founder and CPO of Coassemble. With 15 years’ experience in eLearning, Jude has seen everything online training platforms had to offer and knew more could be done. Jude strives to create an effective and engaging experience for teams to share knowledge at scale. As the product officer, Jude is always online with the development team to bring the latest product updates to life.


courses created and live on customer workspaces


employees and always growing


slack messages sent (not bad for a global team of 31)

Global brand

We work remote and bring insights from across the globe


Our mission & values

Our mission is to simplify the sharing of knowledge to enable success. Our vision is to be the platform that allows organizations to thrive through the sharing of knowledge.

Think big, start small

Starting small allows us to remain agile. Break down large tasks into small, easily achievable chunks. Release changes in small increments and always test before implementation.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By bringing together diverse ideas and skills, we can find the best possible solutions.

Keep it simple

Always try to remove complexities where they exist. This applies to everything we do, whether it be the product, our codebase, sales process, communication, and pricing.

Be Accountable

We should always be transparent and operate with integrity.

Consider it done

We should possess a genuine desire to help.

Focus on the user

Think about the user first and all else will follow.

Have fun

Remember to keep it light and try to have fun. We show up here 5 days a week, let’s enjoy it!