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  • Unlimited course authoring capability
  • Convert existing training material to a course
  • Generate a course for any topic
  • Generate a quiz for your course
  • Course templates
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  • Anonymised insights
Business For teams
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$0.75 / Member / month (yearly) Empower your team to build courses that move your business forward.
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  • Everything in Starter plus
  • Ability to invite other course creators
  • Advanced access control to your courses
  • Advanced course distribution methods
  • Powerful insights (whole audience and individuals)
  • Image library
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Let's talk Train at scale with solutions that can be customized to your organization’s needs.
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  • Convert your documents to interactive courses
  • Generate a course about your topic
  • Have a quiz generated for your course
  • Match images with your content
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A Coassemble course and examples of documents you could convert them from
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A Coassemble course and examples of documents you could convert them from 4,000,000+ Happy learners ❤️
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