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How To Put Together Confidentiality Training For Your Employees

Learn how to put together confidentiality training in your workplace so all employees will understand this vital policy & procedure training.

Annie Symonds

How To Put Together An Employee Refresher CPR And First Aid Training Course

Learn how to use our CPR and first aid training template so you can put together a refresher course all employees can go through with ease.

How To Put Together Cultural Sensitivity Training In The Workplace

Learn how to use our ready-made cultural sensitivity training template to help you quickly put together vital training for your workplace.

10 Best Employee Referral Program Tips (Template included)

Need an employee referral program template and checklist so your employees can refer excellent potential candidates? Look no further.

How To Quickly Put Together An Employee Disciplinary Action Form In 2022

Discover how to quickly put together an Employee Disciplinary Action Form to keep vital processes in place for all managers in the workplace.

How To Put An Awesome Employee Benefits Package Together In 2022

Learn how to put together a fantastic employee benefits package that will entice top talent to join the team and stay for the long run.

How To Use The Best Employee Conflict Resolution Template For 2022

Get organized with the best employee conflict resolution template so you can train managers to handle issues in the workplace with ease.

How To Build A 30, 60, Or 90 Day Onboarding Plan For New Hires

Need to organize your onboarding process quickly but unsure how to map out a 30, 60, or 90 day onboarding plan? Get inspired by our customizable onboarding plan template so you can drop the vital info in seamlessly.

7 Tips For How To Build A Product From Our Founder, Jude Novak

Save time and learn tips for how to build a product from our Founder and successful app builder, Jude Novak.

March '22 Product Updates You Need To Know

Expect added functionalities to make sharing your training easier, and two lesson screen updates you'll love!

8 Workaround Tips To Help Reach Your Online Training goals With Coassemble

Discover approved workarounds to help achieve the end result you’re looking for when building an online course with Coassemble.

Our Personal Tips For Hiring Interns To Help Your Business Grow

Considering hiring interns for your startup or need some extra help to drive business impact? Our Product Design Manager, Scott Kirkman, explains how internship programs can succeed for everyone involved.

How to convert your documents into a Coassemble course with ease

Wondering how to convert your documents into a Coassemble course that won't take too much time? We're sharing tips and tricks to help you move your documents over with ease.

12 Best Sales Techniques We Use To Train Reps To Sell With Integrity

Need to learn effective sales techniques to train your sales reps not only with integrity but with skills to help them grow and become excellent communicators? Our Head of Sales, Maddy Beckmann, shares her knowledge of executing sales techniques you need to know now.

3 New Lesson Screens AND A Sneak Peek Into More Product Updates Coming Soon!

You're going to love the three new lesson screens we launched in February! Plus! We're giving you a sneak peek into more updates coming your way soon.

Team Q&A: 7 Questions With Our Head of Product Growth, Kamil Jureczko

Kamil's passion for having a clear objective started as a child and has guided him to Coassemble as our new Head of Product Growth. Let's find out more!

8 Creative Ways To Use Your Favorite Third-Party Tools In Your Online Course

Level up your content with forms, calendar bookings, social media posts, podcasts, and more by learning these 8 creative ways to use your favourite third-party tools in your online course.

Team Q&A: 7 Questions With Our Head of Sales, Maddy

Meet Maddy Beckmann, our new Head of Sales at Coassemble. Find out how she's not your average salesperson, how her love for teaching goes way back, and how she's an avid gardener in her spare time.

We Just Dropped 10 Awesome New Product Updates!

We’re sharing our latest Coassemble product updates which we shared in our recent popular webinar, so you can take your training to the next level.

Best Modern Job Description Template To See Ideal Candidates Role In

Struggling to find the best candidates right now? Use this modern job description template to attract the best candidates you'll want to employ instantly.

9 Effective Live Chat Support Tips We Use To Engage Customers

Our Customer Success Manager, Bridie, shares her effective live chat support tips to help you engage customers with honesty and integrity in real-time.

Our Secret Tips To Convert PowerPoint Presentations Into Coassemble Courses

Our Customer Success legend, Rosalie, shares tips to convert PowerPoint presentations into Coassemble courses easily.

10 Advanced Features To Enhance Your Coassemble Training Course For Employees

Level up your Coassemble training course for employees with these hidden advanced features you might not know about!

Best Start Up Interview Questions We Would Personally Ask Candidates

Our Head of Ops, Dimity shares her favorite startup interview questions she would personally ask, including preparation tips for the recruitment and selection process.

Shh! 7 Secret Features To Make Your Online Training Course Shine

If you didn't catch this week's hugely popular webinar, where Rosalie shared our secret features to make your online training course shine, here's what you missed!

9 Epic Ideas To Improve Recruitment And Selection Processes 2022 Guide

Looking to improve recruitment and selection processes? Find the best talent with these unique tips to help you nail the hiring process with ease.

21 Best Onboarding Checklist Tips: Template Included (2022 Guide)

Use this onboarding checklist template & guide to save time and get your new employees settled in quickly!

Best Employee Handbook Template & Guide For 2022

Feel confident to bring your workplace policies & procedures to life with our interactive and fun employee handbook template & guide.

17 Tips For Building An Epic Brand Strategy: Template Included!

Bring your business to life with these 17 steps for building an epic brand strategy, including our interactive brand strategy template to help you become the workplace hero.

13 Epic Diversity And Inclusion Training Steps (Template Included)

Here are 13 diversity and inclusion training steps, including an awesome template to help get you started!

Go-To-Market Strategy Template & Guide To Ensure Success For 2022

Looking for the best go-to-market strategy template to ensure success? Our tips and template will help you put together a solid plan in no time!

The Only Sales Playbook Template Your Team Needs To Succeed In 2022

Use this sales playbook template and you'll be easily able to engage your sales team to sell consistently in the most effective way possible, time and time again.

Sales Enablement Training Tips To Retain Customers & Secure New Leads

Discover the best sales enablement training strategies, tips and templates to help your sales gurus secure new leads and retain existing customers.

Best Online Sexual Harassment Training Template To Use In 2022

Your online sexual harassment training template is here! Use our pre-made template or design your own engaging training course you can provide to your employees now.

Best Digital Marketing Plan Template & Guide In 2022

Become the workplace hero simply by using our digital marketing plan template and practical marketing strategy guide!

24 Best Work From Home 'Must Haves' To Become A Remote Working Pro

Whether you’re a pro at remote work or just getting started, we've put together the best work from home 'must haves' so you'll be productive in the comfort of your own home.

Ultimate Onboarding Template To Transform New Employee Onboarding!

When you transform your new employee onboarding with this onboarding template, you'll drive business impact with ease.

14 New Hire Onboarding Training Mistakes To Avoid!

Let us help you transform new hire onboarding training by avoiding the following mistakes when new employees join your team!

13 Best Virtual Onboarding Tips For Remote Employees In 2022

Become the workplace hero who always puts your remote employees first, especially when you get the virtual onboarding process right.

17 Best Employee Onboarding Process Steps For 2022

Our best employee onboarding process steps will help you make a long-lasting impression and bring out the best in your new employees.

What Does LMS Mean For Training Online In 2022?

New to the online training world and unsure what does LMS mean? In this guide, you'll learn everything there is to know about Learning Management Systems and how you can get the most out of them.

Ultimate How to Create Online Courses for Employee Training in 2022

Transform your business now by learning how to create online courses for employee training in 2022. You'll learn how to create engaging content for employees by using our online course creation tips.

How to Switch From Manual Training to an Online Learning Platform

Know you need to switch from manual training to an online learning platform, but unsure where to start? Discover how to transform your business by optimizing resources that will lead to better outcomes while adding value to your organization.

What Does Working Remotely Mean in 2022?

As the world has shifted from working in the office to working from home, what does working remotely mean in 2022? Find out as we share everything about working remotely in our ultimate guide for anyone who wants to learn more about what it means to work remotely.

What Is Employee Experience? Strategies You Need To Know In 2022

Are you unsure what is employee experience? Learn how to implement simple employee experience strategies to develop high-performing and engaged employees to help grow your business.

Adobe Articulate vs Captivate: Which One Should you Choose?

Adobe Articulate vs Captivate? It's a hard decision choose between some of the best eLearning authoring tools available. Let's dive in and discuss the Adobe software from experts in the LMS industry.

What is Blended Learning? A Beginners Guide to the Future of Learning

Unsure what is blended learning? Discover why the blended learning approach is becoming the new normal for teaching worldwide in the eLearning space.

What Is eLearning? Ultimate Guide For Beginners 2022

Within a few minutes, you'll understand what is eLearning and why many companies have transitioned into the online learning space to grow their businesses.

Everything you Need To Know About SaaS Product Training

Discover everything you need to know about SaaS product training and why it's an effective and proven way to scale your business' growth.

4 Online Training Marketing Tactics to Increase Conversions

Want to boost your conversion rate? Learn powerful online training marketing tactics for converting leads and getting more sales.

Podcast 8 min

What is the learner-first model?

Designing a learner-focused training model may sound difficult, but the rewards far outweigh the investment. Ryan and Jude discuss the benefits of a learner-first online training course model and how you can get started today. Find out how on episode 8 of The CoLab Podcast!

What Are Authoring Tools? A Deep Dive Into Why It Will Drive Business Impact

Discover why authoring tools are crucial in the eLearning space to help grow your business for all employees, customers and clients.

How training can increase revenue for business growth

Your team is the most powerful driver to growing your bottom line. By leveraging excellent online training tools, you can scale business growth quickly.

Podcast 9 min

Making training accessible with Bo Pearson

Learn how Bo Pearson from Volt athletics makes online fitness training accessible on Ep. 8 of The CoLab Podcast

How to create a remote work environment for success

Working from home isn't about replacing the office, but creating a remote work environment for success. Learn tips and tricks in this guest post from our friends at Yarno!

Podcast 9 min

What is rapid online course creation software?

Online courses used to take hours and multiple contributors to create. Now with rapid online course creation software, you can create a beautiful and engaging online training in minutes, with no experience or resources required. Find out how on episode 7 of The CoLab Podcast!

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Senior Front-End Developer, Jon

Whether cooking up some new website code or a fresh batch of cookies, our Senior Front-End Engineer, Jon has a recipe for success.

How to make an online course with bespoke or legacy content

Learn how to make an online course with bespoke or legacy content in minutes with this helpful guide from our online training experts!

Why your audience matters

Your audience matters more than any aspect of your training process! How often do you consider them when designing your learning content? Discover how our online course creation tool can help you engage your team in the platforms they use most in our latest blog post! #setknowledgefree

How to build the best employee wellness program

Your employee wellness can directly impact how well your team and company perform 🧘‍♀️🏃‍♂️🤸‍♂️ Don’t miss one of the most important aspects of a great #EmployeeExperience. We've put together this post for you to learn how to jump-start your employee wellness program.

How to deliver online courses

This guide has proven best practices on how to deliver online courses that you can start using today!

Podcast 10 min

How to engage employees with online courses

We’re excited to share this episode of The CoLab Podcast with Lachy Gray of Yarno and how to engage with employees with online courses

How to make online courses more interactive

Want to create your own online courses but aren't sure how to make them engaging? Our team have three proven methods to help you understand how to build interactive content that your learners will love!

Attracting top talent with employee experience

The best potential candidates will only join your organization if they feel you’re a good fit for them. Attracting top talent with these employee experience practices guarantees the best candidates will be lining up for an interview. Find out how in this article.

How to leverage online training for marketing

Did you know you can use online training for marketing growth? Find out how in our latest article on the power of online training for marketers!

Product 4 min

The new course builder experience

The single page course builder is here — take a look below to see what's new!

Team 4 min

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our UX Designer, Kate

Evolving the online training experience for our customers is why we think Kate’s work as our UX designer is MAGIC! Find out why in her team QA!

Is online training right for your team?

If you're unsure if online training is right for you and your tea, Ryan and Jude have all the answers in Ep. 5 of The CoLab Podcast!

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Digital Designer, Kelsy

Whether it's a website refresh or a branding campaign, our Digital Designer Kelsy does it all. Find out how she keeps us looking FRESH in her team Q&A!

How video reduces training creation and learning time

Did you know creating video training is easier than you think? And the savings it creates can help grow your business. Find out how in this article from our partners at Biteable!

How video training improves employee experience

Employee experience is all about engaging with your team. By leveraging video training, you can improve your company's EX. Learn how in this article!

WYSIWYG editor went pro

Training creation should never be difficult. That's why we updated the WYSIWYG editor for online training so can create in style. Learn how here!

Product 5 min

Improvements to the learner experience

The learner experience is always our focus. That's why we just delivered some updates to improve it and drive employee engagement. Learn how here!

Delivering meaningful learning experiences with Jen Jones

Meaningful learning experiences start with the learner. By designing online training to help educators teach, Jen Jones is creating an effective learning environment for students. Find out how on Ep. 4 of The CoLab Podcast!

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Senior Back-end Developer, Michael

A father, a coder, a gamer, and guitarist, our Senior Backend Developer Michael does it all while keeping Coassemble thriving. Ensuring our cloud applications are running smoothly, Michael is the reason booting up Coassemble is fast and crispy. As one of our longest-standing employees, Michael has seen Coassemble grow from the early days of eCoach, all the way into the wonder it is today. Read on to see how Michael and the backend developer team work their magic.

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Customer Success Agent, Molly

Runner, Doer, Empath, and a woman of many talents, our Customer Service Agent Molly helps Coassemble customers pave a path to success. Molly is all about growth and has plenty to share on her growth personally and professionally in her Q&A!

Coassemble’s 2020 wrap-up!

After this year, we’re left speechless and thankful for the support of our team, our customers, and our loved ones. This year has been the most difficult and developmental for us as a team and for our customers. See how we did in 2020 in our yearly wrap-up!

The CoLab Podcast Ep. 3: Empathy & business growth with Elliot Begoun

Being empathetic in business means being there for your customers. By leveraging online training, Elliot and the team at TIG Brands were able to scale their growth without losing their identity. Find out how on Ep. 3 of The CoLab Podcast!

How to deliver mobile training to millennials and Gen Z

Younger generations don’t want to see stale PDF’s and be stuck in an office to complete training. They want fun, interactive, engaging training content that they can access when convenient for them. That’s why we wrote this guide on how to deliver mobile training for millennials and Gen Z. Learn all our best practices here!

Product 2 min

Group enrollment links

Make online training delivery hyper-speed with an easy to use tool for sharing training catalogs in one link! Group enrollment links are live on Coassemble

Product 3 min

Online training course templates

Online training course templates are here! Check them out to start building your team's online training today!

A Review Of L&D Budget Allocations In 2020

L&D budgets in 2020 were adapted to meet new demands of a remote workforce. See how L&D strategies met the changing needs of teams and what technologies were most commonly used!

The CoLab Podcast Ep. 2: online training W/ Kirin Daugharty

Delivering training for 600+ members of your org can be challenging. Scaling that solution while transitioning through market changes sounds impossible. Kirin with the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association not only did so, but did it with style. Tune in to ep. 2 of The CoLab Podcast.

3 ways to deliver blended learning for remote teams

Delivering blended learning to your remote staff didn't really make sense at first. But with the dynamic shifts teams have made in 2020, we've found some useful applications of blended learning any remote team could benefit from—read our article to learn them!

Best SaaS Conferences 2020

As a global SaaS company, we’re honored by the relationships we’ve built from conferences over the years. Even though 2020 has changed the tone, many events are going digital this year to still offer exciting experiences. Check out our top picks of the best virtual SaaS conferences 2020 has to offer!

Podcast 7 min

What is online training?

Every team has a story to tell, and we’re excited to create a platform to share these tales with all of you. We’re pleased to announce the release of episode 1 of The CoLab Podcast!

Why are Millennials and Gen Z job hopping?

#Millennials and Gen Z are job-hopping—and with a dismal 29% #employeeengagement rate, it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s culture, a sense of purpose, or learning opportunities, you have options to bridge that gap. Read our latest blog: why are millennials and gen z job hopping.

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our CEO, Ryan Macpherson

Our fearless leader, CEO, and newest dad, Ryan Macpherson has some excellent words of wisdom to aspiring c-level executives. Check out his bio to find out how he balances leading a global team while pushing Coassemble to evolve every day.

How and why to train staff online

Training staff online can seem like a daunting task for managers with no online training experience.

Unlocked Learning—why an invisible LMS will set knowledge free

The best way to deliver knowledge to your team is to remove the boundaries locking it away.

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Head of Marketing, Claire

We chat with our Head of Marketing, Claire. With a wealth of experience in her field, we asked about her path to Coassemble.

How to engage remote employees

With teams adapting to online work, it can be difficult to know how to engage remote employees. As experts on the subject, we wanted to share some tips to engage your team with online training and social interactions virtually!

Celebrate Learning feature release

With the launch of Celebrate Learning, we’re excited to offer confetti showers and certificates at the end of your courses to celebrate your learners training wins!

Team Q&A: 7 questions with our Account Executive, Tanner

As an Account Executive, Tanner facilitates a smooth customer journey, beyond just the sales process, by working closely with our Customer Success team to ensure the best customer experience. Find out more about Tanner in our Team Q&A.

The definitive guide to recruiting and online training for remote teams

Recruiting and training remote teams has never been more crucial than now. With many companies moving to remote work spaces or hiring for remote team roles, having some insight to get started will set your business apart.

7 Tips for working remotely

Remote work is rapidly becoming the standard work environment for what used to be considered “in-office only” roles. With the COVID-19 spread shifting many companies online, knowing how to work at home is essential.

Team Q&A: 7 questions with our Head of Engineering, Matt

Head of Engineering, Matt Lenton guides his team to ensure the Coassemble platform experience is flawless and enjoyable. Check out why he loves the outdoors and what hacks he has to get through his day!

How leaders are managing remote teams

Enabling your team to work remotely can be difficult, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve made this guide to help you get your team online and improve your remote processes.

Business continuity at Coassemble during COVID-19

Whether you’re using Coassemble already to train your team, or are considering implementing Coassemble to help you manage a remote team under the current circumstances, we want to assure you that we have measures in place to ensure we remain up and running during this time.

Team Q&A: 7 Questions with our Head of Strategy, Al Simpson

An orchestrator of strategy, Alastair plays the long game to ensure Coassemble and its customers are ahead of the game. Alastair is always seeking a way to improve processes to deliver the best customer experience possible, and help each team thrive!