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Create a timeline online in minutes

Transform your training and create a timeline online your employees will love. Simply drag and drop your content into the timeline maker, track engagement and discover what your staff clicked on.

Try our timeline generator and share it anywhere

Try our easy-to-edit timeline templates to create a timeline online you can share anywhere. Share with a trackable link and you’ll be able to see who looked at your content.

Start Creating Your Timeline

How to make an online timeline in just a few clicks

Unsure how to create a timeline with our online timeline maker? The easy to use timeline templates are ready for you to transform your content within minutes.

  1. Launch Coassemble

    Open up Coassemble in your browser and log in or sign up for a free trial.

  2. Set up your timeline

    Create a new screen and select ‘timeline’ as the screen type. Give your timeline template a heading and description.

  3. Customize your content

    Add your timeline content into the timeline templates. Add in your time intervals and then insert points along the way. You can include titles, descriptions and images or gifs along the way to help illustrate your journey in an interactive and fun way.

  4. Preview and share

    You can preview your timeline online to see how it looks 👀 and then grab the share link and send it out 🚀

Create a Timeline Now

Why should I use an online timeline generator?

Coassemble gives you the right tools to create a timeline online without having to pay a professional to do it for you. Simply create timelines seamlessly to engage with your viewers so they can understand and digest your content quickly. Timeline templates make the perfect addition to your online training course to bring your employees up to speed when needed.

Project timelines

Use the online timeline maker to illustrate your project timeline and what should happen at each stage of the journey. Use images and text to get your message across.

Business timelines

Onboarding team members? Use the interactive timeline maker to show your company's history and important milestones.

Funding timelines

Not-for-profits and startups often rely on fundraising or investment funding to keep their teams running. Use timeline templates to map out key goal stages in a funding journey.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how many points I can include in my timeline?

No—you can add as many points as you like.

Will my online timeline work on mobile devices?

Coassemble is fully mobile responsive—so your interactive timeline will look great on any device.

How can I share my timeline online?

You can share your timeline online using a simple preview link, an enrollment link, or via email.

Can I see who has accessed my timeline?

Yes! You can dive into analytics and you’ll see who is looking at your timeline online, which parts they engaged with, how they spent looking and more.

Can I integrate my timeline with other apps?

All paid Coassemble plans come with access to Zapier so you can integrate with the apps you use daily. There are over 1500 apps to choose from.

Reviews from G2 Crowd

Amanda B

"Great, interactive product"

The learning templates are amazing. It can turn a piece of dry information into an interactive, impactful piece of learning. I love the ease of creating content as well.

Esmeralda Q

"Easiest training software to use"

The functionality as well as how user-friendly it is, both for the trainers and the learners.

Rimer Carlyle E

"Coassemble made our virtual class fun and easy"

Coassemble has the best customer support! Kudos.

Create a timeline

Use our online timeline maker to start creating your interactive timeline today.