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employee training software

Create engaging training courses

With Coassemble's easy-to-use authoring tool, designing captivating training courses has never been simpler -- no coding or technical expertise required. Effortlessly craft interactive and visually appealing content that grabs your learners' attention and drives meaningful engagement. From multimedia-rich lessons to interactive quizzes and assessments, unleash your creativity and deliver an exceptional learning experience.
  • Flashcard challenges
  • Fun Quizzes
  • Training Videos
  • How-to Guides
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employee training software

Share knowledge seamlessly

Effortlessly share your courses and training materials with your teams. Whether you're providing product training or onboarding new employees, Coassemble ensures seamless knowledge transfer across your organization. Say goodbye to clunky file attachments (that are often forgotten) and hello to a centralized platform where everyone can access up-to-date training resources, ensuring consistency and efficiency.Get started
employee training software

Blended learning for comprehensive development

Combine the best of online and offline learning with Coassemble's blended learning capabilities. Seamlessly integrate face-to-face training sessions, webinars and virtual classrooms with your online courses. Foster meaningful interactions, promote collaboration and create a holistic learning experience catering to different learning styles, ensuring maximum knowledge retention and skill development.Get started
employee training software

Onboard new employees with ease

Streamline your onboarding process with a comprehensive and structured training program from day one. Deliver a seamless onboarding experience to reduce time-to-productivity, increase employee engagement and foster a positive onboarding experience that sets the stage for success.Get started
employee training software

Yes, we are SCORM compatible

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Why choose Coassemble's training software
Efficient - Streamline your training


Streamline your training process by creating, delivering and managing your training materials on one platform
Scale up


Coassemble easily scales to accommodate a growing number of learners, whether in-person or remote.


Tailor training content to individual needs, fostering a more effective and personalized learning experience.


Incorporate interactive elements like quizzes, videos and infographics to enhance learner engagement and retention.
Feedback and improvement

Feedback and improvement

Get valuable insights into your training programs' effectiveness. Track learner progress, identify knowledge gaps and measure the impact of your training initiatives with real-time data.


Unlock seamless remote and mobile learning to accommodate diverse learning preferences and locations.
“Coassemble’s templates are an easy and sure way to elevate just about any type of content.“ Julia Sullivan, HR Manager
4.7 Rating (166 reviews)

9.2 rating Ease of use
9.2 rating Quality of support
9.2 rating Easy to setup
" Heleena M.
Senior Manager
This platform simplifies my work - I love how I can share, and upload so many attachments, links, videos and more in every course.
" Chloe P
Talent Ops Lead
We chose Coassemble because of how easy it is to use - for both the learner and an administrator. The feedback from both trainers and learners has been excellent.
Templates that’ll make users go “WOW” With a few clicks, you can transform your content into beautiful courses that will look like a professional created it, without the cost.
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