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Coassemble's award winning course creation tool, allows you to quickly transform existing documents, presentations and outdated e-learning into powerful, mobile responsive learning experiences.Get started
A Coassemble course and examples of documents you could convert them from
Transform your contentStart your course creation journey today and transform the way your organization learns and grows.

Transform documents to interactive courses

With a few clicks, you can transform your content into beautiful courses that will look like a professional created it, without the cost.

Generate an AI course

Using the power of AI, Coassemble will create a microlearning course with just a description.Generate an AI course

Start from scratch or a template

Coassemble's intuitive interface and suite of tools including text, multimedia, quizzes and assignments simplify the process of designing course materials.

Generate quizzes from course content

Test the knowledge of your learners by generating a quiz based on the content in your course. You’ll be amazed at just how good our quizzes are!Generate quizzes
Learner experience approvedCoassemble courses pack a punch to boost engagement + retention. Create personalized learning pathways and more!

Design Confidently

You can easily design interactive and visually appealing courses without any coding knowledge. Effortlessly structure your content, add interactive elements and create engaging assessments to enhance the learning experience.Course library

Fun and interactive

Make learning fun by incorporating interactive elements like quizzes, videos and infographics. Fully mobile, WCAG compliant, hyper interactive and gamified—Coassemble courses pack a punch to boost engagement + retention.Powerful Permissions

Access anywhere, anytime

Whether your employees are on their morning commute or taking a break during lunch, Coassemble is accessible on any device. Seamlessly transition between your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and continue learning on the go.Asset Folders

Customize courses to look like your brand

Tailor your courses to reflect your unique brand and teaching style. Coassemble offers a comprehensive library of customizable templates, themes and multimedia assets, allowing you to create an immersive learning experience that resonates with your audience.Customize courses to look like your brand
Unlimited courses, unlimited viewsShare with anyone on any device through any platform with just a simple link or plug it straight into your chosen LMS using SCORM

Get your training out, faster

Share a simple link to your course in Slack, teams, or anywhere. No app to download or sign-ups required to make learning quick, simple, and just a click away.Auto Enrollment

Publish for your LMS

Export your content as SCORM to deliver training from your LMS. Content is linked making it easy to edit or update course files on the fly without the hassle of re-uploading. Catalogs
Track course engagementTrack every step to success with built-in reports and detailed analytics to make sure your training translates into actionable business results. Share insights, track compliance, spot problems early & learn how to fix them.

Watch viewers & completion rates

See how your course is performing at a glance with our insights report. There, you'll be able to track where your users are dropping off and how many have completed the course. Learner Progress

Evaluate based on learner’s reactions on completion

Your learners will be able to give you feedback by using reactions at the end of each course. This is not mandatory, however it allows you to evaluate and change the course regularly to suit your learners progress and development.Evaluate based on learner’s reactions on completion
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