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Celebrate Learning feature release

With the launch of Celebrate Learning, we’re excited to offer confetti showers and certificates at the end of your courses to celebrate your learners training wins!

15 Apr 2020 by Rocco Brudno

A successful online training program is one that ensures trainers celebrate learning with their students. We don’t like letting great training go unrewarded—so we're pushing our learner-first model to exciting new heights! Coassemble is pleased to announce the launch of our Celebrate Learning feature, releasing later this April.

We’ve found that positive recognition is a powerful way to drive knowledge retention and learner engagement. Read on to learn how you can start celebrating your learners. We’ve also included some helpful info on how a blast of confetti can make training fun again.

What Celebrate Learning is all about

From the beginning, Coassemble has been developed with learners front of mind. What tools and features can we create that improve the learning experience for all of our users and their teams. The celebration of learning is the continuation of our passion by helping you praise your learners’ success. The upgrade comes with two exciting new tools to engage your learners.

Personalized finish screens

Now when your team finishes an online training course, a customizable screen will appear. There you can:

  • Add a personalized message for your team (with multiple message options depending on learners that have passed/failed/ or waiting for grading).
  • Display a course image or upload your own for an added bit of flair.
  • Make it rain confetti! (with the option to select a color scheme).

Custom certificates

Celebrate Learning also provides custom certificates for completed courses. With certificates you can:

  • Create customized certificates for learners upon course completion (because gold stars are so 2010).
  • Give learners the option to download so they can print their certificates to display, or share their accomplishments on social channels.

Premium features

If you like more lil’ razzle dazzle — you can upgrade to premium certificates in-app. This gives you even more customization options for your certificates. These premium features include:

  • Using your own custom logo.
  • Upload custom background images.
  • Save your certificates as templates to use them again.
  • Select from even more fonts, colors, and designs!

These features are especially useful when you have different departments or branches of your company with different logos for each.

Why online training needs to celebrate learning

Do you remember doing something really well and getting a gold star? That feeling of gratification for a job well done actually has a psychological explanation. Incentive theory is the theory that we are driven to act based on outside incentives. Simply put, it’s a positive cause and effect. If we work hard, we’ll be rewarded for our actions.

By providing an incentive for learners, we’re actually motivating them to progress and complete training courses with better results. Motivation has been found as a powerful factor in improving knowledge retention as well. Just like that gold star, learning new.

Our brains can only absorb and retain so much knowledge at a given time. One way knowledge retention is prioritized is by motivation. I.e: taking and completing a course improves a skill set, leading to progression in their role. Our team is personally fond of the “if you learn to bake you get cookies!” example.

Another facet of the celebration of learning is the ability to socialize your training experience. Certificates can be shared with colleagues and social groups. This incentivizes the training program and validates the learner’s efforts.

Coassemble has always tried to empower the learner to take control of their training. This feature upgrade is a major quality of life improvement that we’re pleased to offer all our users.

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