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The new course builder experience

The single page course builder is here — take a look below to see what's new!

23 Feb 2021 by Rocco Brudno

At the center of your online course is the knowledge you’re excited to share and the content that best represents that information to your audience. We’re all about the evolution of how knowledge is shared, and that starts with the creation experience.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce the release of the new course builder experience. With a completely revamped workflow, new features, even more intuitive functionality, and a modern approach to creating an online course. Dive in to see all the latest changes!

Single page course creation

We’ve made the sidebar the new toolbar for course building, similar to how it functions for navigation in the learner experience. New screens, modules, and navigation are all visible from a single page.

This helps with content creation by keeping you in one space to create the course from start to finish. You also have access to more in one page, giving you greater control over everything you’re creating.


​With the new sidebar’s functionality, we’ve built out how modules are outlined for a course, giving you an at-a-glance view of what you’ve made. Lessons modules have a ton of interactive elements, so it was important to help you see the big picture while you start small on course creation.

We’ve also added inline editing to more lesson module screens, including:

  • Quiz and Checkpoint questions

  • Match sequence challenge

  • Drag and Drop challenge

  • And more are on the way!


Just like with the lesson modules, we’ve streamlined quiz modules to be created in a similar fashion. You can add them from the sidebar, and edit inline. You can also choose from any of the Quiz module screen types.

Every quiz question has been redesigned for both learners and builders. You will create quizzes in much the same way as you create lessons. Just use the sidebar to build an outline by adding questions, and the right-hand editor view to design each question inline.

Finish Screen and Certificates

While before the two were separate, we’ve combined the finish screen and certificates to create a cleaner ending to the course-building experience. Now they will sit at the bottom of the sidebar with a dedicated area.

And don’t worry, we’re still all about the confetti cannon

Enrollment links and Publishing

No longer will you have to navigate through other platform sections to publish your course content or grab an enrollment link to start delivering it.

Now you can access publishing and enrollment links straight from the top bar of the course builder. For publishing, you can finalize individual modules or everything at once. And you can access the enrollment page to grab a self-enrollment link or enter emails to send a course link to anyone!

Benefits of the new course creation experience

We value being able to optimize your creation process. Offering a more intuitive set of features and streamlining how you create an online course is exactly how we want to revolutionize the sharing of knowledge. Just like when we made improvements to the learner experience, we knew content creation would complete the cycle of sharing knowledge.

If you’re wondering what is an authoring tool for online courses, or how it benefits your business growth, chances are you already want to share knowledge. With the right course creation experience, you can reduce the time and cost of training and deliver an incredible employee experience for your team.

This feature is available to all Coassemble customers and makes the learning experience even more of a pleasure. To learn more or see all of our latest platform feature updates, check out our updates page here

We hope you enjoy the benefits of the new course builder experience for their online training! For even more ideas on how to leverage our platform, chat with us today! Our experts have created hundreds of solutions to use cases like yours for all our customers.

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