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How sales enablement training increases productivity

Did you know knowledge can be a competitive edge? By proving your sales team with #salesenablement training, you can dramatically increase their productivity 💪 Find out in our latest article on the blog!

24 Feb 2021 by Rocco Brudno

How much do you value your current customer base? If you’re in B2B, you might be surprised to learn a disparaging 69% of customers are seeking replacements for their current solution providers.

Don’t want to be part of that number? The fix is actually simpler than you’d think—sales enablement training can boost customer engagement and increase your sales team’s productivity.

We wrote this article to explain what is sales enablement, how it can increase customer engagement and sales productivity, and how you can implement it today.

What is sales enablement training?

Originating from a growing focus on sales analytics, research group Forrester has been attributed with coining the phrase “sales enablement.” The concept was discussed during a roundtable held by Scott Santucci and industry leaders over a decade ago. The group dissected concepts and applications to arrive at the following definition:

“Sales Enablement is an emerging, cross-functional discipline designed to bridge the gap between strategy and execution and to accelerate the transformation into a new selling model.”

To provide some additional context on how this definition was made, the leaders came from Forrester’s research community—including VP-level members from Accenture and IBM, Siemens, BMC, etc.

These experts saw a need for better resource access for sales teams and training processes that help them grow. Rather than approaching sales as a simple exchange, sales enablement is a holistic approach to transform the sales process. This involves education moments instead of selling with clients, and understanding deep offering insights to provide more to a lead

How does sales enablement increase productivity?

The benefits of sales enablement come in two parts: how sales enablement training impact your sales team and how sales enablement resources impact your business. Let’s look at your sales team’s benefits first.

Sales enablement training benefits for your team

According to a study by the Sales Management Association, sales enablement functions and resources have several benefits for sales teams, including:

  • 29% increase in sales training effectiveness, meaning fewer resources needed to upskill your team.

  • 15% improvement with low-performing sales team members, helping them to excel.

  • 31% increase to a change in sales messaging meaning your team is more adaptive.

The unfortunate side of these stats is that sales enablement training can’t be delivered through traditional methods. If we apply the Ebbing Haus forgetting curve, most sales enablement training practices fail because they’re delivered incorrectly.

By leveraging a just-in-time training model, you can deliver contextually relevant training, dramatically increasing knowledge retention. This is an incredible online training method that’s proven to be an integral part of sales enablement training.

For your business, the benefits of having a well-trained sales team are both increased profitability as well as highly engaged customer acquisitions.

CRO of G2, Mike Weir drafted this article on the business benefits of sales enablement and mentioned that “64% of B2B customers won’t engage with a salesperson if the messaging isn’t personalized.”

An article by Gallup on how employee engagement can affect your business stated these benefits on highly engaged employees:

  • 21% increase in profitability (money in the bank)

  • 41% reduction in absenteeism (reduced call outs and inactive employees)

  • 17% increase in productivity (efficient processes that drive effectiveness)

  • 59% less annual turnover (which reduces your hiring costs. Don’t even get us started there)

  • 10% boost to customer satisfaction ratings (happy customers=happy businesses)

  • 20% rise in deals closed (see profitability)

Those are numbers that just don’t quit. And these are just some of the benefits of establishing a great sales enablement training model. But how can you get started?

How to implement sales enablement training

Sales enablement training is incredibly easy to deliver when you break it down into three areas of focus:

  • Access to knowledge when and where your team needs it

  • Continuous learning that reaffirms best practices for your team

  • Just in time training that allows your team to practice as they learn

Accessible training knowledge

To implement this aspect of sales enablement, think of where your sales collateral and content lives. Keeping that information stored in a singular space that’s easy to access gives your team a powerful tool kit.

This can also include past training content that can be helpful for your team to have handy. Using an all-in-one training platform gives you the ability to gather all of this content in one space that can be accessed from anywhere.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning is a proven method to increase your sales team retention. It’s also easily scalable as your team grows by enabling best practices to be passed from top performers to new hires.

By offering continuous learning regularly, you can set a scheduled routine for your team to follow throughout the year. Types of training can be anything from repeats of previous training sessions to conferences, and certificate programs. Continuous training has even been proven to accelerate business growth.

Just in time training

By examining your sales team’s day-to-day tasks, you can begin to map out a learning pathway for just-in-time training. This can be a simple as a reminder to complete a task a certain way or link off to a guide on how to tackle a new project.

The importance of converting your sales enablement to work with just-in-time training practices will become apparent to your team as they train on the job. JIT training prevents distractions is easily deliverable through any platform if you use the right tools.

Sales enablement training doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. But missing out on the chance to build customer engagement through sales team growth is no longer an option. With these best practices and ideas to start out, you’ll be able to deliver powerful and effective sales enablement training in no time.


Are your customers or sales team disengaged? You might be surprised to learn 69% of customers are seeking replacements for their current solution providers. And nearly the same amount of sales staff are seeking new employers.

By establishing an effective sales enablement training program, you can resolve both metrics in one go. This style of training builds resources out for your sales team to operate more efficiently and engage with your customers at a higher level. And with an online training platform, you can start delivering the resources your team needs today.

These sales enablement training practices are guaranteed to increase productivity for your team and help you scale business growth. For even more talent development strategies or unique cases to suit your team, chat with us today! Our experts can guide you to find the best solutions to effectively grow your business and your team.

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