Christian Super


Growth / Pro


Financial Services


11-50 employees


Sydney, Australia

Use Case

Compliance Training


Christian Super is a profit-to-members superannuation fund with over 28,000 members and $1.6 billion in funds under management, which are ethically invested in line with Christian values. The fund is also a global leader in impact investing, with around 10% of funds within investments that aim to generate strong financial returns, along with positive social or environmental outcomes.

The Challenge

As a financial service provider, Christian Super is required to conduct compliance training on an annual basis to satisfy external regulatory requirements. 


Historically this compliance training was done face-to-face, using presentations and emails for all staff members one time each year. The team recognized that this was not the ideal way to execute their compliance training, so began the search for alternatives.


They purchased an off the shelf compliance product that had generic content within the platform. The team was not able to customize the content—it was quite generic. While their employees liked the eLearning approach to training, the trainers “just couldn’t customize the content enough for it to be valuable.” 


They then began searching for an eLearning tool that would allow them to create custom content, train their learners, and provide reporting analytics. 



Jeremy, the champion, searched on Google to look for eLearning platforms that had built-in authoring. While most platforms were geared towards education, he came across a few that were suitable for corporate training and trialed these. One of these platforms was Coasemble. During the trials, he tested building training content and “very early on found out that Coassemble was by far the easiest tool to use.” 

"Coassemble was by far the easiest tool to use."

The Solution

Jeremy, who is the main content creator, was looking for something very specific in terms of the way he could create and present content. Our templates allowed him to do this with ease. 


“Early on it was pretty clear Coassemble was going to do what I wanted.”


Christian Super now use Coassemble exclusively for their company-wide training. They utilize both the authoring tool for content creation and also the LMS for delivery and reporting. While initially using the platform for compliance training, they now also use it for onboarding new hires. Jeremy can see the ability to scale their training over time for other potential training uses, and more specific pieces of training. 

The Results

The saving for Christian Super has not been in time or money alone, but also in quality. They are now delivering a “much, much better outcome” for their team.


“We can now have full confidence that 100% of our staff are not only receiving the training, but are actually understanding it. Coassemble is invaluable.” 


Christian Super’s record management system is now much better using the reporting and analytics within Coassemble. 


The learner experience has also improved – their team enjoys the training more. They have displayed a higher level of engagement with the training content. Learners ask more questions and a greater range of questions, showing they are actively engaged and interested.


They like to take it at their own pace, it’s personalized and relevant and they can study at a time and place that suits them.

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