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Schmicko is a remote car service provider, with a team of car professionals that make on-site visits to provide a range of services.

25 Employees
Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
Use Case
Employee Training

The Challenge:

Schmicko’s team is spread across various departments, from Administration, to Sales and Marketing, to their on-road technicians. Staff work from home remotely in Australia and overseas, and in the case of on-road technicians, on-site in Australia.

With such a diverse team, David Bui, General Manager at Schmicko, needed a platform to streamline and automate the process of onboarding staff, collect a library of information for internal team members, and create mini-quizzes to help keep remote staff up to date with the latest updates.

“It was a challenge previously, to find a way to educate our internal team in a meaningful and engaging way." David says. "A jungle of content proved to be a deterrent for many of our staff members.”

Previously, Schmicko would run induction programs across project management tools like Monday, Smart Task and Clickup, and were using tools like Google Docs, Sheets and Youtube for training content.

As the business and the maturity of their training process grew, David saw a need to move to a more structured training platform. Running induction programs across multiple platforms became a headache.

“Although this seemed like a great option at the time, it did become overwhelming over time and hard to scale up with this suite. It just made sense to consolidate all these functions into one platform like Coassemble.”

As small businesses grow, there is a need to move to purpose-built training tools rather than trying to shoehorn the training process into a web of other platforms.

“We realized we required an e-learning authoring tool like Coassemble that is robust and solely dedicated to the purpose of generating and distributing digital training content as opposed to trying to force these project management softwares to be an e-learning platform.”

David Bui, General Manager at Schmicko

The Solution:

Schmicko wanted a platform that could consolidate all of their training into a single place, and allow them to continue to build simple units of training. David prioritised platforms with ease of use that would allow his team to easily update courses on the go and to gather metrics to help analyse how they could improve training completion rates.

Schmicko now run their induction programs through Coassemble, and store guides and instruction manuals in their Coassemble content library. Schmicko’s management team has been able to build this training themselves using the Coassemble authoring tool and disseminate it to the rest of the team.

“Coassemble has helped us create different onboarding processes for various departments. It has allowed us to cut down on manual hours dedicated to running induction programs with newcomers. The ability to explain information in a multitude of ways has definitely helped - the use of quizzes, scoring, written content and video uploads makes it super easy to run these operations with ease. After all, the onboarding process tends to be very repetitive and time-consuming.”

The results:

David cites better completion rates due to more engaging content, hours of time saved on repetitive onboarding tasks, and a better team culture (as team members contribute ideas to training content) as key wins since implementing Coassemble.

But perhaps the biggest win of all has been Schmicko’s ability to unlock new growth, expanding to a new city and hiring a new team there:

“We have managed to expand our services to another major city and using Coassemble has allowed us to do this by introducing remote learning.”

Schmicko have created 15 courses on the Coassemble platform, with the team constantly editing their content to ensure they remain up to date. Staff are able to complete training within a few days to a week of being enrolled in new content, and David says they are seeing higher knowledge retention in their new process:

“Compared to our older process, our staff are achieving close to 20% higher across their final quizzes. The final quizzes serve to recap all that they have learnt during their induction programs. Our older materials would be predominantly heavy-loaded with written content, whereas now, new staff are able to digest the same information but in video format. Using Coassemble has allowed us to appeal to visual learners as well through its diverse range of content formats.

It takes our team a lot fewer hours to assess and educate, whilst boosting our content output; a fantastic win-win scenario for our company.”

Having successfully jumped from a typical start up’s unstructured training process to a more mature training process and a purpose-built tool, David says Coassemble has become a key tool in Schmicko’s growth arsenal:

“Coassemble has now developed into one of our core business applications that we use regularly.”

Compared to our older process, our staff are achieving close to 20% higher across their final quizzes.

David Bui

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