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Volt Athletics

Scaling a manual onboarding process to expand customer training resources and capacity.

Online Health and Fitness training
30 Employees
Seattle, Washington, USA
Use Case
Customer Training


The workout app that provides world-class training for any fitness goal. Volt Athletics helps people stay active and healthy with industry leading practices, in-house strength and fitness coaches, and dedicated success functions.

The Challenge:

Volt Athletics offers an accessible set of training practices for fitness and strength training to organizations, teams, coaches, and individuals. Volt was born from its founders seeing a need for accessible training that’s backed by industry experts. To do this, Volt provides an app usable from any device for training practices. However, Volt lacked a scalable solution to onboard new customers before they started their training journey. They also needed a way to capture common information during onboarding and other training moments so they could create more capacity to deliver a meaningful experience to customers.

“We've tried to position ourselves as an extension of your coaching staff, an extension of your performance team if you're not in a sports setting. And that's what really drives value, that's what really makes a connection for the customer. And so we wanted to still be able to do those things, but in a way that was scalable.”

Bo Pearson, Volt Athletics

With the first decade under their belt, Volt Athletics has grown successfully and established themselves as industry leaders. With any growth comes growing pains that result from manual processes that become time-consuming. Head of Customer Success, Bo Pearson, wanted to address this head on.

The founders of Volt began the company with being able to help as many people as possible. This started with rural high schools and college sport programs, but now sees Volt in a variety of sectors including military and general population. Bo felt the same as their customer base grew over the years. One-to-one onboarding sessions were much easier in the past, but Bo noticed he was sharing repetitive information instead of being able to provide answers to unique questions.

Listen to Volt’s Head of Customer Success share his experience on Ep. 8 of The CoLab Podcast!

The Solution:

Bo started searching for a solution in the learning management system (LMS) space in 2020. His core needs initially were the ability to easily capture knowledge, quality functionality, an engaging user experience, and the ability to maintain or improve their customer feedback loop.

Once he found Coassemble, Bo began to test it in the onboarding process with Volt’s legacy customers. Over a period of several months, they tested the different online training courses for onboarding and tried to obtain as much feedback as possible since they knew their legacy market well. As the did this, the revised and reviewed the courses as much as possible to ensure they matched Volt’s vision.

Initially, Bo found that understanding and managing his expectations for the first onboarding really helped him improve future training. His first onboarding course was 35 minutes long and though his goal was to create a course that could be completed in a single session, he didn’t feel this was enough. So he really dug into what a person needed to get from this experience, and used that as a guide to pair down the course. And that led to Bo becoming a expert level online course creator.

👩‍🎓 Pro Tip: Bo says one of the biggest challenges he initially faced was being able to delegate time to make an online course. But he also mentions that having our support available made that process easier to adopt and overcome. Check out our eBook on how to make your first online course to learn how to get your training online fast!

The results:

Using the reporting functionality built into Coassemble’s all in one training platform, Bo is able to grab metrics like:

  • The number of learners going through a course.

  • The time spent by learners by individual and course content.

  • The interactions associated with a course.

These helped to prove Coassemble’s ROI for Volt easily and now Bo views the course creation software as an extension of Volt’s service. Externally, customers have consistently provided positive feedback on their experience using the platform.

Our time onboarding customers has been reduced by 41%

Bo Pearson

Bo measures the internal benefits as time saved—over a six month period, Bo saw a reduction in customer onboarding time by 41%. Bo found that by using Coassemble for knowledge that would commonly be repeated during a training course, they were able to free their time to provide more pointed and valuable experiences to their customers.

“I built up some confidence that I was gonna be able to do this [create and deliver online training courses]. And because Coassemble is really easy to use, and… it's simple and efficient.”

Bo really stresses that he found so much success with an online training platform because he understood the problem he was trying to solve. For Volt, that was scaling their customer growth so they could still have meaningful, one-to-one experiences, while serving one-to-many. Bo says one of the biggest factors about standing out in their industry (fitness and strength training) is credibility. By using Coassemble, they’re able to offer a branded learning experience that bolsters industry knowledge to grow their offering.

The future of Volt is equally full of opportunities with Coassemble in Bo’s eyes—he wants to leverage what they’ve learned with customer onboarding for internal onboarding. He’d like to also expand Volt’s offering by leveraging online courses to capture knowledge and make fitness training even more accessible.

As a former fitness coach, Bo thinks that every coach shakes their head at what they were doing five years ago vs. today. So when looking to the future, always remember there’s room for improvement—and creating with Coassemble can get you one step closer to that destination.

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